Mitchell, Joni (24 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Mitchell, Joni1968 ConcertCDR1968not rated39:08
Mitchell, JoniBlueCD1971not rated36:13
Mitchell, JoniChalk Mark In A Rain StormCD1988not rated46:25
Mitchell, JoniCloudsCD1969not rated37:41
Mitchell, JoniClub 47CD1968not rated1:05:05
Mitchell, JoniCourt and SparkCD1974not rated36:58
Mitchell, JoniDog Eat DogCD1985not rated43:30
Mitchell, JoniDon Juan's Reckless DaughterCD1977not rated59:51
Mitchell, JoniFor The RosesCD1972not rated40:25
Mitchell, JoniHejiraCD1976not rated51:55
Mitchell, JoniLadies of the CanyonCD1970not rated44:59
Mitchell, JoniMiles Of AislesCD1974not rated1:18:02
Mitchell, JoniMingusCD1979not rated37:23
Mitchell, JoniNewport Folk FestivalCDR1969not rated1:01:53
Mitchell, JoniNight Ride HomeCD1991not rated51:43
Mitchell, JoniShadows And LightCD1980not rated1:12:24
Mitchell, JoniShineCD2007not rated46:56
Mitchell, JoniSong To A SeagullCD1968not rated38:07
Mitchell, JoniTaming The TigerCD1998not rated44:17
Mitchell, JoniThe Hissing Of Summer LawnsCD1975not rated42:37
Mitchell, JoniThrough Yellow CurtainsCD1967not rated2:12:16
Mitchell, JoniTravelogueCD2002not rated2:07:08
Mitchell, JoniTurbulent IndigoCD1994not rated43:06
Mitchell, JoniWild Things Run FastCD1982not rated36:47