Martyn, John & Paul Kossoff (35 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Martyn, JohnAin't No Saint Unreleased Studio TracksCDR1983not rated19:27
Martyn, JohnAint No Saint Live TracksCDR2008not rated2:34:31
Martyn, JohnBBC Live In ConcertCD1981not rated1:17:33
Martyn, JohnBless The WeatherCD1971not rated1:17:33
Martyn, JohnCouldn't Love You MoreCD1992not rated1:05:46
Martyn, JohnFoundationsCD1987not rated49:45
Martyn, JohnGlorious FoolCD1982not rated55:17
Martyn, JohnGrace And DangerCD1980not rated2:04:05
Martyn, JohnGrace And DangerCD1980not rated2:31:37
Martyn, JohnIn ConcertCD1975not rated1:16:12
Martyn, JohnIn SessionCD1978not rated1:10:51
Martyn, JohnInside OutCD1973not rated1:08:08
Martyn, JohnLive At The Hanging LampCD1972not rated58:03
Martyn, JohnLive At The Town Hall, Sydney, AustraliaCD8/14/1977not rated1:07:41
Martyn, JohnLive at LeedsCD1975not rated2:14:07
Martyn, JohnLive at the Bottom Line, NYCCDR1983not rated1:03:02
Martyn, JohnLondon ConversationCD1967not rated39:30
Martyn, JohnNo Little BoyCD1993not rated1:18:30
Martyn, JohnOne WorldCD1977not rated2:20:31
Martyn, JohnOne WorldCD1977not rated1:58:38
Martyn, JohnPhilentropyCD1983not rated1:02:04
Martyn, JohnPiece By PieceCD1986not rated1:14:58
Martyn, JohnPiece By PieceCD1986not rated1:52:10
Martyn, JohnRoad To RuinCD1970not rated48:31
Martyn, JohnSapphireCD1984not rated1:12:56
Martyn, JohnSapphireCD1984not rated1:50:51
Martyn, JohnSolid AirCD1973not rated1:55:08
Martyn, JohnSolid AirCD1973not rated1:13:38
Martyn, JohnStormbringerCD1970not rated1:04:43
Martyn, JohnSunday's ChildCD1974not rated1:08:36
Martyn, JohnThe ApprenticeCD1992not rated48:07
Martyn, JohnThe Apprentice (Island version)CD1987not rated1:09:12
Martyn, JohnThe Best Of (Live 1991)CD1991not rated1:59:17
Martyn, JohnThe TumblerCD1968not rated34:08
Martyn, JohnWell Kept SecretCD1982not rated37:13