M. Ward, Conor Oberst & Jim James (36 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Various ArtistsBaja Prog '98CDR1998not rated1:02:56
Various ArtistsBrown AcidCDR1982not rated3:37:32
Various ArtistsCosmarama Blow Your Cool 2CDR1970not rated1:09:13
Various ArtistsDarkscorch CanticlesCDR1971not rated1:02:36
Various ArtistsDrink A Toast To Innocence: A Tribute To Lite RockCD2013not rated1:42:51
Various ArtistsElectric Soundshow StoriesCDR1969not rated6:03:52
Various ArtistsFading YellowCDR1975not rated16:17:50
Various ArtistsFull Circle, A Tribute To Gene ClarkCDR2000not rated1:59:17
Various ArtistsGuitar Speak ICDR1988not rated47:58
Various ArtistsI Am Shark: Confessions Underwater Vol 1.CDR2012not rated1:16:45
Various ArtistsInternational Pop Overthrow Volume 11CD2008not rated3:51:30
Various ArtistsInternational Pop Overthrow Volume 12CD2009not rated3:55:32
Various ArtistsInternational Pop Overthrow Volume 17CDR2014not rated3:56:13
Various ArtistsInternational Pop Overthrow Volume 18CDR2015not rated3:55:10
Various ArtistsInternational Pop Overthrow Volume 4CDR2001not rated2:23:59
Various ArtistsInternational Pop Overthrow Volume 9CDR2006not rated3:53:08
Various ArtistsMixed Up MindsCDR1975not rated10:38:23
Various ArtistsPiccadilly Sunshine Volumes 1-10CD1971not rated9:30:16
Various ArtistsPiccadilly Sunshine Volumes 11-20CD1972not rated9:03:43
Various ArtistsPop Geek Heaven 2011CDR2011not rated4:28:09
Various ArtistsPop Geek Heaven 2012CDR2012not rated5:00:10
Various ArtistsPop Geek Heaven 2013CDR2013not rated4:55:50
Various ArtistsPop Geek Heaven 2014CDR2014not rated1:50:43
Various ArtistsPortobello ExplosionCDR1970not rated1:00:00
Various ArtistsPowerpop Ovedose - Mick's PicksCDR2009not rated46:34
Various ArtistsPsych Bites IICDR1974not rated1:01:44
Various ArtistsPsychedelic States: Florida In The 60sCDR1969not rated3:29:33
Various ArtistsRealistic PatternsCDR1969not rated1:50:39
Various ArtistsSherwood, Billy, Jay Schellen & GuestsCDR2018not rated1:14:53
Various ArtistsSunshine Pop BonanzaCDR1969not rated3:53:44
Various ArtistsSuper Charged Flashlight PopsCDR2000not rated1:10:30
Various ArtistsSympophony #1; A Collection Of American Power PopCDR1993not rated1:09:27
Various ArtistsTemple CloudCDR1990not rated1:01:57
Various ArtistsThe Electric Sound ShowCDR1969not rated6:00:11
Various ArtistsWhite Lace And StrangeCDR1969not rated2:14:13
Various ArtistsYes RelatedCDR2007not rated1:01:05