Múm (19 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
múmCauses 2CDR2009not rated4:28
múmGreen Grass Of TunnelCDR2002not rated5:55
múmNightly CaresCD2004not rated8:45
múmProphesies And Reversed MemoriesCD2009not rated8:59
múmThey Made Frogs Smoke 'Til They ExplodedCD2007not rated9:08
múmPlease Smile My Nose BleedCDR2001not rated12:00
múmDusk LogCD2004not rated18:04
múmKEXP SessionCD11/3/2009not rated18:54
múmPeel SessionCD10/3/2002not rated21:35
múmBBC One World SessionCD5/10/2001not rated31:23
múmBlái HnötturinnCD2001not rated34:17
múmHlaupanotan SessionCD2007not rated35:49
múmGo Go Smear The Poison IvyCD2007not rated44:11
múmSing Along To Songs You Don't KnowCDR2009not rated46:47
múmSummer Make GoodCD2004not rated46:56
múmSmilewoundCD2013not rated50:38
múmFinally We Are No OneCD2002not rated56:12
múmYesterday Was Dramatic - Today Is OKCD2000not rated1:07:37
múmEarly BirdsCDR2000not rated1:11:58