Lloyd Cole (23 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Cole, LloydAcoustic SessionsCD2002not rated1:17:49
Cole, LloydAntidepressantCD2006not rated40:09
Cole, LloydBad VibesCD1993not rated47:46
Cole, LloydBlack SessionCD1994not rated35:56
Cole, LloydBroken RecordCD2010not rated34:58
Cole, LloydCleaning Out The AshtraysCD2009not rated3:40:26
Cole, LloydDemos 89-94CD1994not rated1:18:15
Cole, LloydDon't Get Weird On Me BabeCD1991not rated48:20
Cole, LloydEtcCD2000not rated37:20
Cole, LloydLive At The BBCCD1995not rated1:39:10
Cole, LloydLive In KunstCDR4/20/2009not rated55:39
Cole, LloydLloyd ColeCD1990not rated52:24
Cole, LloydLoaded / Live in New YorkCD2001not rated59:50
Cole, LloydLove StoryCD1995not rated44:01
Cole, LloydMaking A Broken RecordCD2010not rated1:02:03
Cole, LloydMusic In A Foreign LanguageCD2003not rated39:04
Cole, LloydPlastic WoodCD2001not rated42:20
Cole, LloydRadio BremenCDR10/1/2003not rated48:01
Cole, LloydSmall Ensemble Slaughterhouse StudiosCD1/22/2010not rated40:48
Cole, LloydSmile If You Want ToCD1996not rated43:09
Cole, LloydThe NegativesCD1998not rated41:40
Cole, LloydThe Whelan, DublinCD3/2008not rated1:09:48
Lloyd ColeStandardsCD2013not rated41:27