Kristin Hersh (21 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Hersh, KristinWyatt At The Coyote PalaceCD2016not rated1:22:26
Hersh, KristinThe GrottoCD2003not rated49:34
Hersh, KristinSunny Border BlueCD2001not rated51:11
Hersh, KristinStringsCD1994not rated30:45
Hersh, KristinStrange AngelsCD1998not rated45:47
Hersh, KristinSpeedbathCD2008not rated55:00
Hersh, KristinSpark Meets GasolineCDR2014not rated44:44
Hersh, KristinSky MotelCD1999not rated46:03
Hersh, KristinPossible Dust CloudsCD2018not rated36:25
Hersh, KristinMurder, Misery And Then GoodnightCDR1998not rated37:21
Hersh, KristinLive at Maxwell's, HobokenCD1992not rated47:44
Hersh, KristinLike YouCD1998not rated8:59
Hersh, KristinLearn To Sing Like A StarCD2007not rated41:28
Hersh, KristinKEXP SessionCD2/22/2007not rated12:32
Hersh, KristinKEXP SessionCD4/7/2005not rated15:55
Hersh, KristinKEXP SessionCD10/3/2006not rated11:55
Hersh, KristinHips and MakersCD1994not rated50:28
Hersh, KristinDaytrotter SessionCD4/1/2008not rated13:50
Hersh, KristinCrookedCD2010not rated1:22:03
Hersh, KristinCrookedCD2009not rated1:02:35
Hersh, KristinCats and MiceCD2010not rated1:12:06