Kevin Ayers (24 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Ayers, KevinAfter The Show - Queen Elizabeth HallCDR1973not rated1:10:49
Ayers, KevinBBC In ConcertCDR1976not rated1:09:23
Ayers, KevinBBC Radio One Live In ConcertCD1972not rated56:09
Ayers, KevinBanana FolliesCD1972not rated51:48
Ayers, KevinBananamourCD1973not rated52:34
Ayers, KevinFirst Show In The Appearance BusinessCD1976not rated41:53
Ayers, KevinJoy Of A ToyCD1969not rated1:07:15
Ayers, KevinOdd DittiesCD1976not rated1:10:43
Ayers, KevinRainbow TakeawayCD1978not rated36:05
Ayers, KevinShooting At The MoonCD1970not rated59:41
Ayers, KevinSinging The BruiseCD1972not rated56:29
Ayers, KevinStill Life With GuitarCD1992not rated34:28
Ayers, KevinSweet DeceiverCD1975not rated1:01:19
Ayers, KevinThat's What You Get BabeCD1980not rated32:20
Ayers, KevinThe Confessions Of Dr DreamCD1974not rated1:05:48
Ayers, KevinTurn The Lights DownCD1995not rated1:08:31
Ayers, KevinUnfairgroundCD2007not rated34:01
Ayers, KevinWhat More Can I Say...CD1972not rated40:33
Ayers, KevinWhatevershebringswesingCD1972not rated51:26
Ayers, KevinYes We Have No MananasCD1976not rated1:13:12
Kevin AyersAs Close As You ThinkCDR1986not rated1:00:06
Kevin AyersDeia VuCDR1982not rated31:13
Kevin AyersDiamond Jack And The Queen Of PainCDR1984not rated39:58
Kevin AyersFalling UpCDR1988not rated37:10