Karda Estra (16 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Karda EstraThe Land Of Ghosts 3CD2012not rated21:01
Karda EstraFuture SoundsCD2015not rated25:32
Karda EstraA Winter In SummertimeCD1998not rated27:25
Karda EstraNew WorldsCD2011not rated37:51
Karda EstraThe Last Of The LibertineCD2007not rated41:42
Karda EstraEveCD2001not rated42:35
Karda EstraWeird TalesCD2009not rated42:48
Karda EstraConstellationsCD2003not rated43:21
Karda EstraThe Age of Science and EnlightenmentCD2006not rated43:27
Karda EstraVoivode DraculaCD2004not rated43:29
Karda EstraInfernal SpheresCD2017not rated43:39
Karda EstraTime And StarsCD2016not rated45:43
Karda EstraThirteen From The Twenty FirstCD2000not rated51:35
Karda EstraStrange RelationsCD2015not rated53:05
Karda EstraMondo ProfondoCD2013not rated1:13:57
Karda EstraThe Compact Land Of Ghosts 1&2CD2000not rated1:15:30