Juliana Hatfield (23 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Hatfield, JulianaThere's Always Another Girl DemosCDR2011not rated48:19
Juliana HatfieldWild AnimalsCD2013not rated30:27
Hatfield, JulianaWhatever, My LoveCD2015not rated39:31
Hatfield, JulianaUnreleased Songs 1996-2010CD2010not rated4:29:29
Hatfield, JulianaThere's Always Another GirlCD2011not rated50:36
Hatfield, JulianaThe White Broken LineCD2006not rated44:30
Hatfield, JulianaSingles, Soundtracks and TributesCD2009not rated1:22:03
Hatfield, JulianaPussycatCD2017not rated43:55
Hatfield, JulianaPeace And LoveCD2010not rated39:47
Hatfield, JulianaOnly EverythingCD1995not rated51:28
Hatfield, JulianaMy SisterCD1993not rated10:45
Hatfield, JulianaMade In ChinaCD2005not rated37:26
Hatfield, JulianaJuliana's Pony: Total System FailureCD2000not rated38:27
Hatfield, JulianaJuliana HatfieldCD2012not rated43:23
Hatfield, JulianaIn Exile DeoCD2004not rated51:19
Hatfield, JulianaHow To Walk Away DemosCD2008not rated1:08:05
Hatfield, JulianaHow To Walk AwayCD2008not rated43:01
Hatfield, JulianaHey BabeCD1992not rated43:07
Hatfield, JulianaDayTrotter SessionCD5/14/2009not rated14:10
Hatfield, JulianaBonus TracksCD2008not rated1:13:39
Hatfield, JulianaBed Plus 8CD1998not rated1:10:11
Hatfield, JulianaBecome What You AreCD1993not rated40:44
Hatfield, JulianaBeautiful CreatureCD2000not rated48:16