Joseph Arthur (18 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Arthur, JosephAnd The Thieves Are GoneCDR2004not rated29:23
Joseph ArthurBig City SecretsCD1996not rated55:54
Joseph ArthurCome to Where I'm FromCD2000not rated56:09
Arthur, JosephCould We SurviveCD2008not rated20:57
Arthur, JosephCrazy RainCD2008not rated29:54
Arthur, JosephDays Of SurrenderCDR2015not rated33:59
Arthur, JosephForeign GirlsCD2008not rated18:08
Joseph ArthurHolding The VoidCD2003not rated43:12
Joseph ArthurJunkyard HeartsCD2002not rated1:27:13
Joseph ArthurNuclear DaydreamCD2006not rated44:11
Joseph ArthurOur Shadows Will RemainCD2004not rated46:00
Arthur, JosephRedemption CityCDR2012not rated1:52:29
Joseph ArthurRedemption's SonCD2002not rated1:15:00
Arthur, JosephTemporary PeopleCD2009not rated49:20
Joseph ArthurThe Ballad of Boogie ChristCD2013not rated1:46:05
Arthur, JosephThe Graduation CeremonyCD2011not rated46:30
Joseph ArthurThe Invisible ParadeCD2006not rated1:17:49
Arthur, JosephVagabond SkiesCD2008not rated22:26