Jefferson Airplane (18 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Jefferson AirplaneAfter Bathing At Baxter'sCD1967not rated1:08:28
Jefferson AirplaneAt The Family Dog BallroomCD9/7/1969not rated1:18:30
Jefferson AirplaneBarkCD1971not rated44:53
Jefferson AirplaneBless Its Pointed Little HeadCD1968not rated1:05:31
Jefferson AirplaneCrown Of CreationCD1968not rated56:22
Jefferson AirplaneEarly FlightCD1967not rated32:34
Jefferson AirplaneFeed Your HeadCD1969not rated46:27
Jefferson AirplaneFly Translove AirwaysCD1970not rated5:32:29
Jefferson AirplaneLive At The Fillmore EastCD5/1968not rated1:16:27
Jefferson AirplaneLong John SilverCD1972not rated41:55
Jefferson AirplaneLoves YouCD1973not rated3:43:38
Jefferson AirplaneSurrealistic PillowCD1967not rated1:09:40
Jefferson AirplaneSurrealistic PillowCD1967not rated58:38
Jefferson AirplaneSweeping Up The Spotlight - Live At The Fillmore East 1969CD11/1969not rated1:13:20
Jefferson AirplaneTakes OffCD1966not rated1:01:57
Jefferson AirplaneTakes OffCD1966not rated1:07:28
Jefferson AirplaneThirty Seconds Over WinterlandCD1973not rated38:08
Jefferson AirplaneVolunteersCD1969not rated44:57