James Taylor (19 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Taylor, JamesWalking ManCDR1974not rated34:11
Taylor, JamesThat's Why I'm HereCD1985not rated39:59
Taylor, JamesSweet Baby JamesCD1970not rated32:00
Taylor, JamesOriginal Flying MachineCDR1967not rated22:52
Taylor, JamesOne Man DogCD1972not rated37:49
Taylor, JamesOne Man BandCD2007not rated1:17:51
Taylor, JamesOctober RoadCD2002not rated51:17
Taylor, JamesNew Moon ShineCD1991not rated47:56
Taylor, JamesNever Die YoungCD1988not rated40:20
Taylor, JamesMud Slide Slim And The Blue HorizonCD1971not rated37:26
Taylor, JamesJames TaylorCD1968not rated51:07
Taylor, JamesJTCD1977not rated38:00
Taylor, JamesIn The PocketCD1976not rated45:04
Taylor, JamesHourglassCD1997not rated54:51
Taylor, JamesGorillaCD1975not rated39:02
Taylor, JamesDad Loves His WorkCD1981not rated38:54
Taylor, JamesBefore This WorldCD2015not rated41:50
Taylor, JamesAcoustic Live & RaritiesCDR1979not rated53:45
Taylor, James(Live)CD1993not rated2:03:25