Hedges, Michael (9 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Hedges, MichaelAerial BoundariesCD1984not rated37:54
Hedges, MichaelBreakfast In The FieldCD1981not rated34:05
Hedges, MichaelLive On The Double PlanetCD1987not rated44:11
Hedges, MichaelMiami '85CD1986not rated1:41:21
Hedges, MichaelOracleCD1996not rated44:27
Hedges, MichaelTaprootCD1990not rated40:46
Hedges, MichaelThe Road To ReturnCD1994not rated41:04
Hedges, MichaelTorchedCD1999not rated1:02:37
Hedges, MichaelWatching My Life Go ByCD1985not rated40:34