Harper, Roy (40 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Harper, RoyBeyond The DoorCD2004not rated1:03:37
Harper, RoyBorn in CaptivityCD1984not rated46:58
Harper, RoyBullinamingvaseCD1977not rated44:25
Harper, RoyBurn The WorldCD1990not rated39:00
Harper, RoyCome Out Fighting Ghengis SmithCD1968not rated1:07:15
Harper, RoyCommercial BreaksCD1977not rated47:58
Harper, RoyDeath Or Glory?CD1992not rated1:03:40
Harper, RoyFlashes From The Archives Of OblivionCD1974not rated1:09:17
Harper, RoyFlat Baroque and BerserkCD1970not rated55:11
Harper, RoyFolkjokeopusCD1969not rated48:04
Harper, RoyGarden Of Uranium / Descendants Of SmithCD1988not rated44:03
Harper, RoyHQCD1975not rated1:01:01
Harper, RoyIn Between Every LineCD1983not rated1:15:02
Harper, RoyLifemaskCD1973not rated44:02
Harper, RoyLive At Les CousinsCD1969not rated2:01:15
Harper, RoyLive At Metropolis StudiosCD2011not rated1:18:47
Harper, RoyLooney On The BusCD1988not rated44:20
Harper, RoyMan And MythCD2013not rated51:32
Harper, RoyOdditiesCDR2005not rated2:20:24
Harper, RoyOnceCD1990not rated41:40
Harper, RoyPoems, Speeches, Thoughts & DoodlesCD1997not rated
Harper, RoyRed Lion Folk Club, BirminghamCDR5/12/1984not rated1:25:33
Harper, RoyRoyal Festival Hall London - June 10th 2001CD2001not rated2:14:13
Harper, RoySophisticated BeggarCD1966not rated38:53
Harper, RoyStormcockCD1971not rated41:27
Harper, RoyThe BBC Tapes - Volume ICD1973not rated1:18:22
Harper, RoyThe BBC Tapes - Volume IICD1974not rated59:02
Harper, RoyThe BBC Tapes - Volume IIICD1974not rated1:09:15
Harper, RoyThe BBC Tapes - Volume IVCD1975not rated58:33
Harper, RoyThe BBC Tapes - Volume VCD1978not rated56:03
Harper, RoyThe BBC Tapes - Volume VICD1978not rated1:01:07
Harper, RoyThe Death Of GodCD2005not rated16:17
Harper, RoyThe Dream SocietyCD1998not rated1:12:57
Harper, RoyThe Green ManCD2000not rated1:00:03
Harper, RoyToday Is YesterdayCD1966not rated54:56
Harper, RoyUnhingedCD1993not rated1:15:26
Harper, RoyUnknown SoldierCD1980not rated42:06
Harper, RoyValentineCD1974not rated42:02
Harper, RoyWhatever Happened To JugulaCD1985not rated45:17
Harper, RoyWork Of HeartCD1982not rated45:02