Funkadelic (15 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
FunkadelicAmerica Eats Its YoungCD1972not rated1:17:00
FunkadelicCosmic SlopCD1973not rated39:24
FunkadelicFree Your Mind...CD1970not rated41:49
FunkadelicFunkadelicCD1970not rated1:15:06
FunkadelicFunkadelic Live - Meadowbrook, Rochester, Michigan 1971CD1971not rated1:17:14
FunkadelicHardcore JolliesCD1976not rated40:07
FunkadelicLet's Take It To The StageCD1975not rated40:57
FunkadelicMaggot BrainCD1970not rated54:06
FunkadelicOne Nation Under A GrooveCD1978not rated58:27
FunkadelicStanding On The Verge Of Getting It OnCD1974not rated44:30
FunkadelicTales Of Kidd FunkadelicCD1976not rated39:53
FunkadelicThe Electric Spanking Of War BabiesCD1981not rated43:58
FunkadelicToysCD1974not rated51:04
FunkadelicUncle Jam Wants YouCD1979not rated41:49
FunkadelicUnreleased Outtakes and DemosCDR1973not rated2:23:19