Eitzel, Mark (27 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Eitzel, Mark4-Track Tape Of ShameCD1988not rated46:46
Eitzel, Mark60 Watt Silver LiningCD1996not rated54:14
Eitzel, MarkAcoustic Radio SessionCD2000not rated50:16
Eitzel, MarkBrannan St.CD2009not rated44:59
Eitzel, MarkBush HallCD2006not rated31:11
Eitzel, MarkCandy AssCD2005not rated50:31
Eitzel, MarkCaught In A Trap And I Can't Back Out 'Cause I Love You Too Much, BabyCD1998not rated41:48
Eitzel, MarkDemos Before Love SongCD2005not rated1:19:35
Eitzel, MarkDon't Be A StrangerCD2012not rated43:43
Eitzel, MarkGloryCD2013not rated42:26
Eitzel, MarkHey Mr FerrymanCD2017not rated50:07
Eitzel, MarkInvisible Man DemosCD2000not rated28:53
Eitzel, MarkIt Is Important Throughout Your Life To Proclaim Your JoyCD2001not rated11:16
Eitzel, MarkKlamathCD2009not rated43:38
Eitzel, MarkKonk SessionsCD2013not rated55:28
Eitzel, MarkLover's Leap USACD1997not rated58:59
Eitzel, MarkMean Mark Eitzel Gets FatCD1981not rated25:08
Eitzel, MarkMusic for Courage & ConfidenceCD2002not rated41:03
Eitzel, MarkOddsCD2003not rated20:15
Eitzel, MarkRadio SessionCDR7/25/2001not rated17:48
Eitzel, MarkSongs Of LoveCD1991not rated45:00
Eitzel, MarkSuperhits InternationalCD2001not rated36:23
Eitzel, MarkTake CourageCDR1991not rated7:05
Eitzel, MarkTen Years Of TearsCD2007not rated1:04:26
Eitzel, MarkThe Invisible ManCD2001not rated53:06
Eitzel, MarkThe Ugly AmericanCD2/3/2003not rated41:38
Eitzel, MarkWestCD1997not rated53:33