Duran Duran (21 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Duran DuranAll You Need Is NowCD2011not rated1:05:06
Duran DuranArenaCD1984not rated59:56
Duran DuranAstronautCD2004not rated49:07
Duran DuranBeautiful Colours - The Astronaut DemosCD2004not rated1:13:24
Duran DuranBig ThingCD1988not rated1:46:42
Duran DuranDuran DuranCD1981not rated2:37:01
Duran DuranDuran DuranCD1981not rated40:06
Duran DuranLibertyCD1990not rated50:32
Duran DuranLive 2011: A Diamond In The MindCD7/2/2012not rated1:12:15
Duran DuranLive 2011: A Diamond In The MindCD2011not rated1:40:15
Duran DuranMedazzalandCD1997not rated49:22
Duran DuranNotoriousCD1986not rated2:19:21
Duran DuranPaper GodsCD2015not rated1:10:13
Duran DuranPop TrashCD2000not rated44:24
Duran DuranRed Carpet MassacreCD11/13/2007not rated48:52
Duran DuranRioCD1982not rated1:50:37
Duran DuranSeriousCD1990not rated12:41
Duran DuranSeven And The Ragged TigerCD1983not rated1:43:48
Duran DuranThank YouCD1995not rated54:27
Duran DuranThe Wedding AlbumCD1993not rated1:02:34
Duran Duranb-sidesCD2007not rated1:17:53