David Ford (23 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
David FordNew York City LiveCD2011not rated54:42
David FordPages Torn From The Electrical Sketchbook Vol 3CD2008not rated10:18
David FordSongs On The RoadCD2007not rated23:01
Ford, DavidAnimal SpiritsCD2018not rated1:18:59
Ford, DavidAusterity MeasuresCD2012not rated20:22
Ford, DavidChargeCD2013not rated42:08
Ford, DavidDecimateCD2007not rated22:01
Ford, DavidFord 4.1CD2011not rated16:45
Ford, DavidFord 4.2CD2012not rated14:44
Ford, DavidFord's Piano BarCDR2013not rated22:51
Ford, DavidFourtracksCD2014not rated14:02
Ford, DavidI Don't Care What You Call MeCD2006not rated22:32
Ford, DavidI Sincerely Apologize For All The Trouble I've Caused.CD2006not rated45:54
Ford, DavidI'm Alright NowCD2007not rated10:18
Ford, DavidLet The Hard Times RollCD2009not rated44:42
Ford, DavidPages Torn From The Electrical Sketchbook Vol 1CD2008not rated9:32
Ford, DavidPages Torn From The Electrical Sketchbook Vol 2CD2008not rated12:13
Ford, DavidSongs For The RoadCD2007not rated51:03
Ford, DavidState Of The UnionCD2005not rated3:21
Ford, DavidTennessee E.P.CD2013not rated17:57
Ford, DavidThe ArrangementCD2014not rated23:06
Ford, DavidThe Union EPCD2017not rated20:26
Ford, DavidiTunes FestivalCD2007not rated34:25