Cope, Julian (32 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Cope, JulianYou Gotta Problem With MeCD8/13/2007not rated56:41
Cope, JulianWorld Shut Your MouthCD1983not rated52:19
Cope, JulianTry Try TryCD1995not rated11:50
Cope, JulianThe Unruly ImaginationCDR2009not rated44:26
Cope, JulianThe Skellington ChroniclesCD1993not rated1:01:34
Cope, JulianTamworth DemosCD1982not rated57:45
Cope, JulianSaint JulianCD1987not rated42:15
Cope, JulianRevolutionary SuicideCD2013not rated1:10:59
Cope, JulianRave-O-LutionCDR2013not rated45:04
Cope, JulianPsychedelic RevolutionCD2012not rated1:01:10
Cope, JulianPlanetary Sit-InCD1996not rated30:37
Cope, JulianPeggy SuicideCD1991not rated2:34:56
Cope, JulianMy Nation UndergroundCD1988not rated39:41
Cope, JulianLive On The RadioCD1991not rated1:19:25
Cope, JulianLive Japan '91CDR1991not rated1:03:34
Cope, JulianJehovahkillCD1992not rated2:27:19
Cope, JulianJehovacoat DemosCD1993not rated1:05:53
Cope, JulianInterpreterCD1996not rated48:25
Cope, JulianI Come From Another Planet, BabyCD1996not rated51:09
Cope, JulianFriedCD1984not rated52:53
Cope, JulianFloored Genius 4CD2009not rated1:09:42
Cope, JulianFloored Genius 3CD1998not rated58:11
Cope, JulianFloored Genius 2 - Best Of The BBC Sessions 1983-91CD1991not rated1:50:27
Cope, JulianFear Loves This PlaceCD1992not rated34:54
Cope, JulianEve's Volcano 'Covered in Sin'CD1987not rated21:02
Cope, JulianDrunken SongsCD2017not rated39:22
Cope, JulianDroolianCD1990not rated32:32
Cope, JulianDark OrgasmCDR2005not rated52:50
Cope, JulianCitizen Cain'dCD1/2005not rated1:11:54
Cope, JulianBlack SheepCD2008not rated1:07:31
Cope, JulianAutogeddonCD1994not rated46:14
Cope, Julian20 MothersCD1995not rated1:11:48