Cockburn, Bruce (29 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Cockburn, BruceBig CircumstanceCD1988not rated1:01:18
Cockburn, BruceBone On BoneCD2017not rated51:22
Cockburn, BruceBreakfast In New Orleans, Dinner In TimbuktuCD1999not rated1:02:39
Cockburn, BruceBruce CockburnCD1970not rated37:08
Cockburn, BruceCircles In The StreamCD1977not rated1:19:26
Cockburn, BruceDancing In The Dragon's JawsCD1979not rated37:17
Cockburn, BruceDart to the HeartCD1994not rated49:03
Cockburn, BruceFurther Adventures OfCD1978not rated42:53
Cockburn, BruceHigh Winds White SkyCD1971not rated38:31
Cockburn, BruceHumansCD1980not rated43:33
Cockburn, BruceIn The Falling DarkCD1976not rated48:57
Cockburn, BruceInner City FrontCD1981not rated44:49
Cockburn, BruceJoy Will Find a WayCD1975not rated43:14
Cockburn, BruceLife Short Call NowCD2006not rated58:49
Cockburn, BruceLiveCD1990not rated1:09:49
Cockburn, BruceLive At The Rainbow Music Hall DenverCD1981not rated1:43:44
Cockburn, BruceNight VisionCD1973not rated41:07
Cockburn, BruceNothing But A Burning LightCD1991not rated1:00:23
Cockburn, BruceRaritiesCDR1982not rated1:25:40
Cockburn, BruceSalt, Sun And TimeCD1974not rated36:15
Cockburn, BruceSlice O Life - Live SoloCD2009not rated2:03:09
Cockburn, BruceSmall Source of ComfortCD2011not rated53:37
Cockburn, BruceStealing FireCD1989not rated42:06
Cockburn, BruceSunwheel DanceCD1971not rated34:48
Cockburn, BruceThe Charity of NightCD1996not rated1:07:31
Cockburn, BruceThe Trouble With NormalCD1983not rated47:11
Cockburn, BruceWorld Of WondersCD1985not rated42:59
Cockburn, BruceYou Pay Your Money And You Take Your ChanceCD1997not rated37:23
Cockburn, BruceYou've Never Seen EverythingCD2003not rated1:07:08