Bush, Kate (31 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Bush, KateThis Woman's Work IICD1990not rated1:06:14
Bush, KateThis Woman's Work ICD1990not rated46:07
Bush, KateThe Sensual WorldCD1989not rated42:06
Bush, KateThe Sensual WorldCD1989not rated45:56
Bush, KateThe Red ShoesCD1993not rated55:12
Bush, KateThe Red ShoesCD1993not rated39:24
Bush, KateThe Red ShoesCD1993not rated55:27
Bush, KateThe Other SidesCD2012not rated2:12:37
Bush, KateThe Kick InsideCD1978not rated43:16
Bush, KateThe Kick InsideCD1978not rated43:12
Bush, KateThe DreamingCD1982not rated43:26
Bush, KateThe DreamingCD1982not rated43:24
Bush, KateThe Cathy DemosCD1972not rated1:03:34
Bush, KateRubberband GirlCD1993not rated15:23
Bush, KateNon-album TracksCD1993not rated2:19:06
Bush, KateNever For EverCD1980not rated37:28
Bush, KateNever For EverCD1980not rated37:30
Bush, KateMoments Of PleasureCD1993not rated18:50
Bush, KateManchester ApolloCDR4/10/1979not rated2:04:12
Bush, KateLionheartCD1978not rated37:02
Bush, KateLionheartCD1978not rated36:56
Bush, KateKing Of The MountainCD2005not rated10:51
Bush, KateHounds of LoveCD1985not rated47:32
Bush, KateHounds Of LoveCD1985not rated47:25
Bush, KateDirector's CutCD2011not rated57:05
Bush, KateDemos etc.CDR1997not rated1:00:50
Bush, KateBefore The DawnCD2016not rated2:35:07
Bush, KateAt Hammersmith OdeonCD1981not rated53:20
Bush, KateAlone At My PianoCD1976not rated1:16:27
Bush, KateAerialCD2005not rated1:20:12
Bush, Kate50 Words For SnowCD2011not rated1:05:11