Bolin, Tommy (17 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Bolin, TommyAfter Hours The Glen Holly JamsCD1974not rated1:13:20
Bolin, TommyBottom ShelfCD1976not rated53:19
Bolin, TommyFirst Time LiveCD4/28/1976not rated59:16
Bolin, TommyFrom The Archives Vol. 1CD1996not rated1:07:44
Bolin, TommyFrom The Archives Vol. 2CD1998not rated51:50
Bolin, TommyGreat Gypsy SoulCD2012not rated1:37:31
Bolin, TommyLive At Ebbets FieldCD1974not rated1:06:00
Bolin, TommyMy Father's PlaceCD5/22/1976not rated58:00
Bolin, TommyNakedCD1974not rated40:12
Bolin, TommyNaked IICD1974not rated52:29
Bolin, TommyPrivate EyesCD1976not rated37:31
Bolin, TommyTeaserCD1975not rated2:05:27
Bolin, TommyTeaser DeluxeCD1975not rated1:12:57
Bolin, TommyThe Spectrum SessionsCD1973not rated1:53:48
Bolin, TommyWhips And RosesCD1977not rated1:18:35
Bolin, TommyWhips and Roses IICD1977not rated1:14:33
Bolin, TommyWhirlwindCDR1975not rated1:39:40