Blue Öyster Cult (23 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Blue Öyster CultAgents Of FortuneCD1976not rated51:40
Blue Öyster CultBlue Öyster CultCD1971not rated49:41
Blue Öyster CultBond's International Casino, NYCCD6/16/1981not rated56:03
Blue Öyster CultClub NinjaCD1986not rated45:17
Blue Öyster CultCult ClassicCDR1994not rated1:07:48
Blue Öyster CultCultösaurus ErectusCD1980not rated42:14
Blue Öyster CultCurse Of The Hidden MirrorCDR2001not rated51:06
Blue Öyster CultExtraterrestrial LiveCD1982not rated1:17:48
Blue Öyster CultFire Of Unknown OriginCD1981not rated39:06
Blue Öyster CultHeaven ForbidCDR1998not rated45:28
Blue Öyster CultImaginosCD1988not rated55:28
Blue Öyster CultMirrorsCD1979not rated37:01
Blue Öyster CultOn Your Feet Or On Your KneesCD1975not rated1:16:24
Blue Öyster CultPwekins Palace, Pasadena, CACD7/24/1983not rated1:18:40
Blue Öyster CultRadios Appear: The Best of BroadcastsCD1986not rated1:16:54
Blue Öyster CultRaritiesCD1984not rated1:18:40
Blue Öyster CultSanta Monica Civic Centre, CACD3/27/1986not rated58:34
Blue Öyster CultSecret TreatiesCD1974not rated56:07
Blue Öyster CultSome Enchanted EveningCD1978not rated1:13:33
Blue Öyster CultSpectresCD1977not rated53:37
Blue Öyster CultThe Old Wardorf, San FranciscoCD9/8/1980not rated1:37:29
Blue Öyster CultThe Revölution By NightCD1983not rated42:18
Blue Öyster CultTyranny And MutationCD1973not rated1:07:10