Armatrading, Joan (24 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Armatrading, JoanB-sidesCDR2009not rated42:32
Armatrading, JoanBBC In ConcertCDR2/1982not rated58:54
Armatrading, JoanBack To The NightCDR1975not rated42:17
Armatrading, JoanHearts And FlowersCD1990not rated39:24
Armatrading, JoanHow CruelCDR1979not rated14:18
Armatrading, JoanInto The BluesCDR2007not rated59:24
Armatrading, JoanJoan ArmatradingCD1976not rated41:54
Armatrading, JoanLive - All the Way from AmericaCDR2004not rated1:10:44
Armatrading, JoanLive At The Royal Albert HallCDR2011not rated1:51:21
Armatrading, JoanLove & AffectionCD1992not rated2:37:20
Armatrading, JoanLovers SpeakCDR2003not rated54:19
Armatrading, JoanMe Myself ICD1980not rated35:47
Armatrading, JoanSecret SecretsCDR1985not rated41:38
Armatrading, JoanShow Some EmotionCDR1977not rated37:30
Armatrading, JoanSleight Of HandCDR1986not rated40:54
Armatrading, JoanSquare The CircleCD1992not rated42:47
Armatrading, JoanSteppin' OutCDR1979not rated50:44
Armatrading, JoanThe KeyCDR1983not rated38:40
Armatrading, JoanThe Shouting StageCD1988not rated45:09
Armatrading, JoanThis Charming LifeCDR2010not rated45:15
Armatrading, JoanTo The LimitCDR1978not rated41:40
Armatrading, JoanWalk Under LaddersCDR1981not rated35:30
Armatrading, JoanWhat's InsideCDR1995not rated50:22
Armatrading, JoanWhatever's For UsCD1972not rated45:27