Ani DiFranco (27 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Ani DiFrancoWomen In (E)motionCD7/8/1994not rated39:01
DiFranco, AniAn Acoustic Evening WithCD1994not rated1:00:18
DiFranco, AniAni DiFrancoCD1990not rated47:00
DiFranco, AniBinaryCDR2017not rated49:47
DiFranco, AniBuffaloCD2012not rated1:42:41
DiFranco, AniCarnegie Hall 4.6.02CD2002not rated1:08:12
DiFranco, AniDilateCD1996not rated1:00:22
DiFranco, AniEducated GuessCD2004not rated48:20
DiFranco, AniEvolveCD2003not rated57:33
DiFranco, AniImperfectlyCD1992not rated44:03
DiFranco, AniKnuckle DownCD2005not rated57:20
DiFranco, AniLike I SaidCD1993not rated48:36
DiFranco, AniLittle Plastic CastleCD1998not rated1:01:28
DiFranco, AniLiving In ClipCD1997not rated2:06:11
DiFranco, AniNo Walls MixtapeCDR2019not rated1:02:37
DiFranco, AniNot A Pretty GirlCD1995not rated1:24:06
DiFranco, AniNot So SoftCD1991not rated48:15
DiFranco, AniOut Of RangeCD1994not rated47:58
DiFranco, AniPuddle DiveCD1993not rated35:30
DiFranco, AniReckoning / RevellingCD2001not rated1:58:35
DiFranco, AniRed Letter YearCD2008not rated47:04
DiFranco, AniReprieveCD2006not rated46:43
DiFranco, AniSo Much Shouting, So Much LaughterCD2002not rated2:03:12
DiFranco, AniSwing SetCD1999not rated48:28
DiFranco, AniTo The TeethCD1999not rated1:11:56
DiFranco, AniWhich Side Are You On?CD2011not rated52:47
DiFranco, Aniup up up up up upCD1999not rated1:00:38