Ocean Colour Scene

Ocean Colour Scene - Singles

  • Release date: 2013
  • Format: CDR
  • Category: rock
  • Duration: 5:12:18
  • not rated
  • Added November 14, 2017


1. The Fanatics - Suburban Love Songsnot rated2:27
2. The Fanatics - My Brother Sarahnot rated2:19
3. Sway (7'' version)not rated3:52
4. Lullabynot rated1:50
5. My Brother Sarahnot rated2:42
6. Mona Lisa Eyesnot rated3:41
7. Bellechouxnot rated3:23
8. Yesterday Todaynot rated3:19
9. Fly Menot rated4:33
10. No One Saysnot rated5:03
11. Don't Playnot rated4:16
12. The Seventh Floornot rated5:02
13. Patsy In Greennot rated2:25
14. Suspended Motionnot rated3:54
15. So Sadnot rated4:22
16. I Wanna Stay Alive With You (demo)not rated2:57
17. Men Of Such Opinionnot rated3:22
18. Beautiful Losers (demo)not rated1:47
19. The Clock Struck 15 Hours Ago (demo)not rated3:23
20. I Need A Love Song (demo)not rated2:03
21. Travellers Tune (original version)not rated3:45
22. Justinenot rated3:32
23. The Circle (acoustic)not rated3:10
1. Travellers Tunenot rated3:55
2. The Face Smiles Back Easilynot rated3:23
3. Falling To The Floornot rated3:58
4. Hello Mondaynot rated3:42
5. Song For The Front Rownot rated3:03
6. All God's Children Need Travelling Shoesnot rated3:28
7. The Best Bet On Chinaskinot rated2:50
8. On And Onnot rated2:15
9. It's A Beautiful Thing (version 1)not rated3:29
10. It's A Beautiful Thing (version 2)not rated2:17
11. Mariners Waynot rated3:18
12. Song For The Front Row (acoustic XFM)not rated2:45
13. Debris Road (acoustic XFM)not rated3:23
14. Travellers Tune (acoustic XFM)not rated3:36
15. Blown Away (demo)not rated3:45
16. Hello Monday (demo)not rated3:43
17. Expensive Chair (demo)not rated2:46
18. It's A Beautiful Thing (demo)not rated3:25
19. Going Nowhere For A Whilenot rated3:37
20. If You Get Your Waynot rated3:08
21. Flood Tide Risingnot rated3:36
22. The Inheritorsnot rated4:14
23. Julynot rated4:13
1. So Low (live VH1 uncut)not rated4:03
2. Soul Driver (live VH1 uncut)not rated3:22
3. Jane She Got Excavated (live VH1 uncut)not rated3:35
4. July (lock stock version)not rated3:29
5. July (live at London Astoria)not rated3:18
6. I Am The News (live at Dublin Point)not rated3:20
7. This Understanding (live at Stirling Castle)not rated3:24
8. July (forza moderna mix)not rated4:09
9. Take You Backnot rated4:08
10. Free On The Windnot rated3:23
11. I Wasnot rated2:59
12. Come Homenot rated3:18
13. Best Friends & Loversnot rated2:44
14. Me, I'm Left Unsurenot rated4:52
15. Questionsnot rated2:42
16. Perfect Strangernot rated2:57
17. I Never Believed It Toonot rated2:59
18. We Risenot rated2:23
19. St. Cecilianot rated4:09
20. Get Away (live at Bristol Academy)not rated7:34
21. Get Away (demo)not rated4:17
1. The Riverboat Song (live at Glasgow Barrowlands)not rated5:12
2. The Day We Caught The Train (live at Bristol Academy)not rated3:30
3. Anyway Anyhow Anywherenot rated2:12
4. Better Than Beforenot rated3:44
5. Another Time To Stay (live acoustic at The Lemon Tree)not rated5:03
6. Last Decembernot rated2:57
7. Move Things Over (instrumental)not rated5:06
8. I Just Need Myself (caged baby remix)not rated5:35
9. Right On Timenot rated2:38
10. I Just Got Over You (acoustic)not rated3:56
11. I Just Got Over You (G. Corp remix)not rated4:12
12. William Baileynot rated3:16
13. Little Boy Could Be A Rolling Stonenot rated2:26
14. Smilenot rated2:31
15. Dawn Cried The Daynot rated2:55
16. Magicalnot rated3:09
17. Love The Life (demo)not rated2:14
18. Not One Of Those (demo)not rated4:36
19. Pocket Of My Soul (demo)not rated2:23
20. England After The Warnot rated4:08
21. Fleeting Mind (demo)not rated5:00
22. Meet On The Ledge (live at witness)not rated2:53

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