Fuck Everyone And Run

Marillion - Fuck Everyone And Run

  • Release date: 2016
  • Format: CD
  • Category: rock
  • Duration: 1:08:10
  • not rated
  • Added September 26, 2016


1. El Dorado i. Long-shadowed Sunnot rated1:26
2. El Dorado ii.The Goldnot rated6:12
3. El Dorado iii. Demolished Livesnot rated2:23
4. El Dorado iv. F E A Rnot rated4:08
5. El Dorado v. The Grandchildren of Apesnot rated2:35
6. Living In F E A Rnot rated6:25
7. The Leavers i. Wake Up In Musicnot rated4:27
8. The Leavers ii. The Remainersnot rated1:34
9. The Leavers iii. Vapour Trails In The Skynot rated4:49
10. The Leavers iv. The Jumble Of Daysnot rated4:20
11. The Leavers v. One Tonightnot rated3:56
12. White Papernot rated7:18
13. The New Kings i. Fuck Everyone and Runnot rated4:22
14. The New Kings ii. Russia's Locked Doorsnot rated6:24
15. The New Kings iii. A Scary Skynot rated2:33
16. The New Kings iv. Why Is Nothing Ever True?not rated3:24
17. Tomorrow's New Countrynot rated1:47

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