Thompson, Richard
Gathered Tracks

Thompson, Richard - Gathered Tracks

  • Release date: 2007
  • Format: CDR
  • Category: rock
  • Duration: 9:16:24
  • not rated
  • Added October 3, 2015


1. Dad's Gonna Kill Menot rated5:16
2. Harlan's Bouncenot rated2:03
3. The Uninhabited Mannot rated5:11
4. Blackleg Minernot rated2:22
5. Shenandoahnot rated3:05
6. She Said It Was Destinynot rated3:49
7. Temptednot rated3:33
8. Oops! I Did It Againnot rated1:58
9. Banks Of The Nilenot rated4:50
10. Persuasionnot rated3:42
11. Sights And Sounds Of London Townnot rated4:27
12. Hand Of Kindnessnot rated6:28
13. Put Her There Palnot rated10:20
14. Two Left Feetnot rated4:05
15. I Can't Wake Up To Save My Lifenot rated2:58
16. I Misunderstoodnot rated3:54
17. I Feel So Goodnot rated2:47
18. Dear Janet Jacksonnot rated3:48
19. I Agree With Pat Methenynot rated3:20
1. Mingulay Boat Songnot rated4:13
2. Red Wine Promisesnot rated3:59
3. The Coo Coo Birdnot rated4:16
4. 1952 Vincent Black Lightningnot rated4:35
5. Now That I Am Deadnot rated3:11
6. The Choice Wifenot rated2:19
7. I Misunderstood (Ventura)not rated4:00
8. I Feel So Good (Ventura)not rated3:00
9. Mingus Eyesnot rated3:47
10. I Can't Wake Up To Save My Lifenot rated3:02
11. Shoot Out The Lightsnot rated4:27
12. From Galway To Gracelandnot rated4:45
13. Beat The Retreatnot rated4:01
14. Skull And Crossbonesnot rated4:00
15. Sights And Sounds Of London Townnot rated5:40
16. She Moves Through The Fairnot rated3:49
17. The Choice Wifenot rated2:21
18. Two Left Feetnot rated3:21
19. Introduction To I Feel So Goodnot rated1:26
20. I Feel So Goodnot rated2:51
1. Persuasionnot rated4:38
2. Mr. Reboundnot rated4:03
3. Fully Qualified To Be A Mannot rated4:08
4. Time To Ring Some Changesnot rated3:44
5. Mrs. Rita (with June Tabor)not rated2:53
6. Oh I Swearnot rated3:38
7. French Frith Kaiser Thompson - Killerman Gold Possenot rated1:45
8. French Frith Kaiser Thompson - Drowned Dog Black Nightnot rated6:49
9. French Frith Kaiser Thompson - A Blind Step Awaynot rated5:39
10. French Frith Kaiser Thompson - Tir-Nan-Daragnot rated5:23
11. French Frith Kaiser Thompson - Begging Bowlnot rated3:22
12. French Frith Kaiser Thompson - The Killing Jarnot rated7:42
13. French Frith Kaiser Thompson - Peppermint Rocknot rated3:39
14. French Frith Kaiser Thompson - March Of The Cosmetic Surgeonsnot rated5:17
1. Beeswingnot rated5:20
2. Dimming Of The Daynot rated3:41
3. Woodstocknot rated3:46
4. Turning Of The Tidenot rated2:52
5. Don't Tell Secretsnot rated6:17
6. Shoot Out The Lightsnot rated3:56
7. The Great Valerionot rated5:45
8. Turning Of The Tidenot rated3:38
9. When The Spell Is Brokennot rated6:09
10. Jerusalem On The Jukeboxnot rated9:53
11. Black Crownot rated4:20
12. 1952 Vincent Black Lightningnot rated4:22
13. Keep Your Distancenot rated4:02
14. Jerusalem On The Jukeboxnot rated5:08
1. Thompson, Richard and Linda - Hokey Pokeynot rated3:48
2. Thompson, Richard and Linda - The World Is A Wonderful Placenot rated3:33
3. The May Day Psalter (w/ Danny Thompson)not rated4:06
4. Oh, I Swear (w/ Shawn Colvin)not rated5:02
5. Hickory Wind (w/ Clive Gregson & Christine Collister)not rated3:57
6. Season Of The Witchnot rated9:18
7. Here Without You (w/ Clive Gregson & Christine Collister)not rated3:21
8. Kaiser, Henry - Annihilation In Allahnot rated4:44
9. Persuasion (w. Tim Finn)not rated3:52
10. Burnett, T-Bone - Welcome Home, Mr. Lewisnot rated3:34
11. Les Flammes d'Enfer (The Flames Of Hell)not rated2:37
12. Thompson, Richard and Linda - Living In Luxurynot rated2:30
13. Shine On Lovenot rated3:38
14. Heartbreak Hotel (w/ John Cale, Shawn Colvin, David Sanborn, Jo-El Sonnier, Tim Berne, B.J. Cole)not rated5:18
15. Fairport Convention - Meet On The Ledgenot rated2:42
1. Wishingnot rated2:13
2. I'm Turning Off A Memorynot rated2:31
3. A Heart Needs A Homenot rated3:46
4. Hokey Pokeynot rated3:39
5. It'll Be Menot rated4:26
6. Streets Of Paradisenot rated3:57
7. Night Comes Innot rated12:21
8. The Dark End Of The Streetnot rated4:15
9. Beat The Retreatnot rated6:24
10. Walking On A Wirenot rated5:13
11. First Light (demo)not rated4:05
12. Pavannenot rated5:14
13. The Great Valerionot rated5:17
14. I'm A Dreamernot rated4:14
1. Let It Blownot rated4:20
2. Old Thames Sidenot rated3:52
3. Hots For The Smartsnot rated5:33
4. Hokey Pokeynot rated3:20
5. 1952 Vincent Black Lightningnot rated5:09
6. Needle And Threadnot rated4:10
7. Dad's Gonna Kill Menot rated4:20
8. Take Care The Road You Choosenot rated5:34
9. Sunset Songnot rated5:14
10. Let It Blownot rated4:02
11. Old Thames Sidenot rated3:47
12. A Solitary Lifenot rated3:36
13. For Whose Sake?not rated2:50
14. Outside Of The Insidenot rated4:15
15. Shenadoahnot rated3:11
16. Let It Blownot rated4:16
17. Old Thames Sidenot rated3:57
1. Gethsemanenot rated5:56
2. Crawl Backnot rated5:39
3. God Loves A Drunknot rated4:39
4. I Misunderstoodnot rated4:26
5. A Love You Can't Survivenot rated4:58
6. I Want To See The Bright Bright Lights Tonightnot rated3:26
7. Introductionnot rated2:03
8. Hokey Pokeynot rated3:37
9. Walking On A Wirenot rated4:10
10. Crawl Backnot rated4:52
11. Cooksferry Queennot rated3:44
12. Hots For The Smartsnot rated5:53
13. Let It Blownot rated4:49
14. When The Spell Is Brokennot rated4:51
15. Wall Of Deathnot rated4:27
16. Bathsheba Smilesnot rated4:05

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