McCartney, Paul and Wings
The Alternative Wild Life

McCartney, Paul and Wings - The Alternative Wild Life

  • Release date: 1971
  • Format: CDR
  • Category: rock
  • Duration: 1:17:14
  • not rated
  • Added June 20, 2014


1. Mumbo (rough mix)not rated3:58
2. Bip Bop (acoustic)not rated0:38
3. Wild Life (live Holland 1972)not rated2:21
4. Some People Never Knows (early version)not rated6:52
5. I Am Your Singer (early version)not rated2:16
6. Tomorrow (instrumental)not rated3:32
7. Dear Friend (home demo)not rated4:48
8. The Great Cock And Seagull Race (instrumental)not rated4:02
9. Indeed I Do (take 1)not rated4:09
10. Blackpool (band demo)not rated4:16
11. African Yeah Yeah (band demo)not rated4:47
12. Cage (rough mix with vocals)not rated2:54
13. Waterspount (rough mix with vocals)not rated4:28
14. Don´t Wanna Dance (experimental song)not rated2:54
15. Instrumentalnot rated2:38
16. Proud Mum (early version)not rated2:01
17. Give Ireland Back To The Irish (live Antwerp 1972)not rated3:26
18. Henry´s Blues (live 1972)not rated6:50
19. Best Friend (live 1972)not rated3:59
20. Wild Life-Hi Hi Hi (One Hand Clapping)not rated3:17
21. C Moon (One Hand Clapping)not rated2:27
22. Wild Life (fragment)not rated0:30

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