Del Amitri
Live and Alternative

Del Amitri - Live and Alternative

  • Release date: 1998
  • Format: CDR
  • Category: rock
  • Duration: 1:18:20
  • not rated
  • Added April 9, 2014


1. Nothing Ever Happensnot rated3:47
2. No Holding Onnot rated3:42
3. Spit In The Rainnot rated2:11
4. When I Want Younot rated4:36
5. Roll To Menot rated5:20
6. Here And Nownot rated3:38
7. Hatful Of Rainnot rated3:32
8. Driving With The Breaks Onnot rated2:09
9. Move Away Jimmy Bluenot rated5:44
10. The Ones That You Love Lead You Nowherenot rated4:30
11. Some Other Sucker's Paradenot rated3:09
12. Always The Last To Knownot rated4:28
13. Stone Cold Sobernot rated5:09
14. Being Somebody Elsenot rated7:06
15. Just Like A Man (edit)not rated4:20
16. When You Were Young (radio mix)not rated4:01
17. Learn To Cry (alternative version)not rated3:58
18. Not Where Its At (alternative version)not rated3:34
19. Some Other Sucker's Parade (no strings version)not rated3:16

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