Del Amitri
"Change Everything"

Del Amitri - "Change Everything"

  • Release date: 1992
  • Format: CD
  • Category: rock
  • Duration: 1:59:37
  • not rated
  • Added January 29, 2014


Original Album
1. Be My Downfallnot rated3:29
2. Just Like A Mannot rated5:03
3. When You Were Youngnot rated3:59
4. Surface Of The Moonnot rated5:14
5. I Won't Take The Blamenot rated3:54
6. The First Rule Of Lovenot rated4:00
7. The Ones That You Love Lead You Nowherenot rated3:10
8. Always The Last To Knownot rated4:22
9. To Last A Lifetimenot rated4:07
10. As Soon As The Tide Comes Innot rated4:23
11. Behind The Foolnot rated3:18
12. Sometimes I Just Have To Say Your Namenot rated5:53
1. Learn To Crynot rated3:45
2. Angel On The Roofnot rated4:52
3. The Whole World Is Quietnot rated2:34
4. Whiskey Remorsenot rated3:14
5. Lighten Up The Loadnot rated4:08
6. The Heart Is A Bad Designnot rated2:05
7. Don't Cry No Tearsnot rated3:54
8. Bye Bye Pridenot rated4:32
9. Cindy Incidentallynot rated2:47
10. Spit In The Rainnot rated3:53
11. I Won't Take The Blame (acoustic version)not rated3:40
12. Scared To Livenot rated4:48
13. Long Journey Homenot rated4:24
14. The Verb To Donot rated2:42
15. Kestrel Roadnot rated4:11
16. The Ones That You Love Need You Nowhere (live)not rated4:08
17. Kiss This Thing Goodbye (live)not rated4:17
18. Hatful Of Rain (live)not rated4:36

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