McCartney, Paul and Wings
The Alternative Red Rose Speedway

McCartney, Paul and Wings - The Alternative Red Rose Speedway

  • Release date: 1972
  • Format: CDR
  • Category: rock
  • Duration: 3:45:43
  • not rated
  • Added December 22, 2011


1. Country Dreamernot rated3:07
2. Night Outnot rated2:17
3. One More Kissnot rated2:32
4. Jazz Streetnot rated8:04
5. Big Barn Bednot rated3:51
6. My Lovenot rated4:21
7. When The Nightnot rated3:51
8. Single Pigeonnot rated1:59
9. Tragedynot rated3:20
10. Mama's Little Girlnot rated3:45
11. Loup (1st Indian On The Moon)not rated4:22
12. I Would Only Smilenot rated3:25
13. I Lie Aroundnot rated5:00
14. Little Lamb Dragonflynot rated6:20
15. Get On The Right Thingnot rated4:18
16. 1882not rated6:25
17. The Messnot rated5:03
1. Medley (final mix)not rated11:25
2. The Mess (studio version)not rated4:51
3. Thank You Darlingnot rated3:19
4. Mary had a little lamb (rough mix)not rated4:39
5. Bridge On The River Suite (instrumental backing track)not rated3:13
6. Night Outnot rated2:31
7. Tragedy (sitar and vibraphone overdub)not rated3:20
8. Seaside Woman (rough mix)not rated3:57
9. Best Friend (live in Antwerp, 22 August 1972, with post production)not rated3:59
10. Night Out (with extra lyrics)not rated2:32
11. Mama's Little Girl (with additional percussion and clarinet)not rated3:43
12. Tragedy (with harp and different vocals)not rated3:19
13. Jazz Street (edited instrumental outtake)not rated5:14
14. Give Ireland Back To The Irishnot rated3:48
15. Night Out - (instrumental)not rated2:31
16. I Would Only Smilenot rated3:22
17. Tragedy (alternative mix)not rated3:20
18. Country Dreamer (acoustic rendition from August 1974)not rated1:53
19. Soily (live)not rated4:10
20. Henry's Blues (live)not rated0:48
1. Big Barn Bed (rough mix)not rated3:49
2. My Love (One Hand Clapping)not rated4:25
3. Get On The Right Thing (final mix)not rated4:18
4. One More Kiss (final mix)not rated2:30
5. Little Lamb Dragonfly (final mix)not rated6:19
6. Single Pigeon (rough mix with false start)not rated2:00
7. When The Night (rough mix with false start)not rated3:51
8. Loup (1st Indian On The Moon) (rough mix with count int)not rated4:21
9. Medley (Hold Me Tight-Lazy Dynamite-Hands Of Love-Power Cut)not rated11:18
10. Country Dreamer (acoustic)not rated2:14
11. The Mess (unreleased studio version)not rated4:42
12. Thank You Darling (rough mix)not rated3:18
13. Mary Had A Little Lamb (final mix)not rated4:39
14. Mama┬┤s Little Girl (rough mix)not rated3:45
15. I Would Only Smile (rough mix)not rated3:23
16. 1882 (live den Hague 1972)not rated6:53
17. Tragedy (rough mix with vocals)not rated3:20
18. Night Out (rough mix with vocals)not rated2:15

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