McCartney, Paul and Wings
The Alternative Venus And Mars

McCartney, Paul and Wings - The Alternative Venus And Mars

  • Release date: 1975
  • Format: CDR
  • Category: rock
  • Duration: 1:17:15
  • not rated
  • Added December 22, 2011


1. Venus And Mars (early mix, ends cold)not rated1:22
2. Rockshow (cold start, with count in, rough link to coda)not rated5:40
3. Love In Song (count in, no fade at the end)not rated3:07
4. You Gave Me The Answer (no throat clearing at the beginning)not rated2:10
5. Magneto And Titanium man (rough mix)not rated3:14
6. Letting Go (rough mix)not rated4:27
7. Venus And Mars Reprise (no crossfade)not rated2:09
8. Spirits Of Ancient Egypt (close-miked scratch vocal from Danny Laine)not rated3:05
9. Medicine Jar (different lead guitar)not rated3:28
10. Call Me Back Again (untrimmed intro)not rated5:06
11. Listen To What The Man Said (no crossfade)not rated4:05
12. Treat Her Gently - Lonely Old People (cold intro, different guitar)not rated4:28
13. Crossroads (rock mix, fades in)not rated0:58
14. Lunch Box - Odd Sox (rough mix)not rated3:52
15. Mardi Gras In New Orleans (studio rendition)not rated2:03
16. My Carnival (Early mix)not rated3:14
17. Venus And Mars (instrumental version)not rated1:21
18. Rockshow (scratch vocal, no overdubs, count in)not rated5:21
19. Letting Go (electric piano version)not rated5:29
20. Venus And Mars Reprise (no strings)not rated1:40
21. Listen To What The Man Said (scratch vocal, no sax, no intro)not rated3:48
22. Rockshow (early version from 1974)not rated6:59

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