One Chord To Another

Sloan - One Chord To Another

  • Release date: 1996
  • Format: CD
  • Category: rock
  • Duration: 1:44:46
  • not rated
  • Added October 16, 2011


1. The Good In Everyonenot rated2:17
2. Nothing Left To Make Me Want To Staynot rated2:35
3. Autobiographynot rated3:18
4. Junior Panthersnot rated2:38
5. G Turns To Dnot rated3:24
6. A Side Winsnot rated3:11
7. Everything You've Done Wrongnot rated3:29
8. Anyone Who's Anyonenot rated2:48
9. The Lines You Amendnot rated2:32
10. Take The Benchnot rated3:50
11. Can't Face Upnot rated3:53
12. 400 Metresnot rated4:33
demos and outtakes
1. The Good in Everyone (demo)not rated1:59
2. Billy Joel (Nothing Left to Make Me Want to Stay demo)not rated2:30
3. Autobiography (demo)not rated3:26
4. Mirror Ball (Junior Panthers demo)not rated2:58
5. John, You Made It On (G Turns to D demo)not rated3:05
6. A Sides Win (demo)not rated2:31
7. Everything You've Done Wrong (demo)not rated3:20
8. Everyone Who's Anyone (Anyone Who's Anyone demo)not rated3:14
9. Found a Way (The Lines You Amend demo)not rated1:49
10. Sing Your Little Heart Out (Pier 21 demo)not rated2:38
11. Can't Face Up (demo from Idea of East Recording)not rated3:50
12. 400 Metres (demo)not rated2:56
13. El Saynot rated1:51
14. Pictures Nownot rated3:00
15. Adelenot rated3:12
16. Baxternot rated3:39
17. I'm Gonna Give It a Trynot rated2:42
18. Song #1not rated1:53
19. Learn How to Play Deadnot rated3:37
20. Imagine All the Songsnot rated3:02
21. Flexible Flyernot rated2:28
22. In My Mindnot rated2:37
23. Teachers in the Bleachersnot rated3:47

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