Stevens, Cat
Tea For The Tillerman

Stevens, Cat - Tea For The Tillerman

  • Release date: 1970
  • Format: CD
  • Category: rock
  • Duration: 36:47
  • not rated
  • Added February 12, 2010


1. Wild World (Demo Version)not rated3:14
2. Longer Boats (Live At The Troubadour)not rated2:51
3. Into White (Live At The Troubadour)not rated3:37
4. Miles From Nowhere (Demo Version)not rated3:14
5. Hard Headed Woman (Live In Japan)not rated3:57
6. Where Do The Children Play (From The Majikat Earth Tour)not rated3:20
7. Sad Lisa (From The Majikat Earth Tour)not rated3:13
8. On The Road To Find Out (Live At KCET-TV)not rated4:57
9. Father And Son (From Yusuf's Cafe)not rated4:25
10. Wild World (From Yusuf's Cafe)not rated3:03
11. Tea For The Tillerman (Live At The BBC)not rated0:51

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