The Damned

The Damned - Phantasmagoria

  • Release date: 1985
  • Format: CD
  • Category: rock
  • Duration: 1:57:15
  • not rated
  • Added December 2, 2009


1. Street Of Dreamsnot rated5:38
2. Shadow Of Lovenot rated3:52
3. There'll Come A Daynot rated4:14
4. Sanctum Sanctorumnot rated6:27
5. Is It A Dreamnot rated3:27
6. Grimly Fiendishnot rated3:49
7. Edward The Bearnot rated3:37
8. The Eigth Daynot rated3:46
9. Trojansnot rated4:53
10. Grimly Fiendish (Bad Trip Mix)not rated5:11
11. Shadow Of Love (Ten Inches Of Hell Mix)not rated6:45
12. Is It A Dream (Wild West Express Mix Live)not rated6:44
1. Grimly Fiendish (Spic N Span Mix)not rated5:23
2. Edward The Bearnot rated3:55
3. Shadow Of Love (Pressure Mix)not rated5:36
4. Nightshiftnot rated2:27
5. Let There Be Ratsnot rated2:11
6. Wiped Outnot rated1:38
7. Would Younot rated2:48
8. Is It A Dream (Wild West End Mix)not rated8:13
9. Street Of Dreams (live)not rated5:05
10. Curtain Call (live)not rated4:29
11. Pretty Vacant (live)not rated2:04
12. Wild Thing (live)not rated2:18
13. Shadow Of Love (Radio One Session 20-05-85)not rated4:08
14. Is It A Dream (Radio One Session 20-05-85)not rated3:39
15. Street Of Dreams (Radio One Session 20-05-85)not rated4:43

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