Unzipped: The Making of Anoraknophobia

Marillion - Unzipped: The Making of Anoraknophobia

  • Release date: 2001
  • Format: CD
  • Category: rock
  • Duration: 2:04:11
  • not rated
  • Added November 15, 2008


1. Between You and Me (demo)not rated5:44
2. Quartz (demo)not rated8:52
3. Map of the World (demo)not rated5:05
4. When I Meet God (demo)not rated10:13
5. The Fruit of the Wild Rose (demo)not rated6:22
6. Separated Out (demo)not rated7:24
7. This is the 21st Century (demo)not rated10:49
8. If My Heart Were A Ball it Would Roll Uphill (demo)not rated9:39
1. Music in the Skynot rated1:07
2. Who Can Say What it Meansnot rated0:56
3. What Goes on in Betweennot rated0:55
4. I Sang That Pretty Tunenot rated3:47
5. Blow a Fuse Daynot rated1:49
6. Fix it in the Usual Waynot rated0:45
7. You're Just Gonna Stopnot rated0:46
8. Trying to Have Funnot rated4:17
9. It's So Hardnot rated1:43
10. Lights of the Citynot rated0:22
11. Watching the Peoplenot rated2:02
12. Pinned Up on the Wallnot rated0:38
13. Gonna See it Allnot rated1:01
14. Sit Back and Watchnot rated1:41
15. Feels So Warmnot rated2:10
16. Don't Do Thatnot rated2:05
17. No Solutionnot rated1:43
18. Perfect Mirrornot rated0:44
19. Such Wavesnot rated1:27
20. I'm so Alonenot rated0:47
21. Voluptuous Crimsonnot rated0:27
22. They Come to Playnot rated1:35
23. In Your Mindnot rated1:01
24. We Wouldn't Lie to You, Folks!not rated1:30
25. Straight in the Machinenot rated1:07
26. Come to Bednot rated1:24
27. Flash to Crash and Burnnot rated2:14
28. I Heard Everything You Saidnot rated2:31
29. Rest Your Heavy Headnot rated1:13
30. They're Not at All the Samenot rated1:07
31. Running Scarednot rated1:23
32. We Can See Sensenot rated1:14
33. Ankle Deep in Gluenot rated0:38
34. Can You Play Me a Songnot rated1:14
35. Don't You Ever Wondernot rated2:42
36. Number Twonot rated7:36

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