McCartney, Paul
Flowers In The Dirt

McCartney, Paul - Flowers In The Dirt

  • Release date: 1989
  • Format: CD
  • Category: rock
  • Duration: 6:35:09
  • not rated
  • Added June 11, 2017


1. My Brave Facenot rated3:20
2. Rough Ridenot rated4:45
3. You Want Her Toonot rated3:14
4. Distractionsnot rated4:42
5. We Got Marriednot rated4:58
6. Put It Therenot rated2:12
7. Figure Of Eightnot rated3:27
8. This Onenot rated4:12
9. Don't Be Careless Lovenot rated3:21
10. That Day Is Donenot rated4:22
11. How Many Peoplenot rated4:16
12. Motor Of Lovenot rated6:27
13. Ou Est Le Soleil?not rated4:46
McCartney and Costello Original
1. The Lovers That Never Werenot rated3:58
2. Tommy's Coming Homenot rated4:09
3. Twenty Fine Fingersnot rated2:27
4. So Like Candynot rated3:29
5. You Want Her Toonot rated2:40
6. That Day Is Donenot rated4:16
7. Don't Be Careless Lovenot rated3:43
8. My Brave Facenot rated2:40
9. Playboy To A Mannot rated2:58
1. Don't Be Careless Love [1988 Demo]not rated3:24
2. My Brave Face [1988 Demo]not rated3:29
3. Playboy to a Man [1988 Demo]not rated2:55
4. So Like Candy [1988 Demo]not rated3:48
5. That Day Is Done [1988 Demo]not rated4:21
6. The Lovers That Never Were [1988 Demo]not rated3:49
7. Tommy's Coming Home [1988 Demo]not rated5:03
8. Twenty-five Fingers [1988 Demo]not rated2:46
9. You Want Her Too [1988 Demo]not rated3:19
10. I Don't Want To Confess [Cassette Demo]not rated2:21
11. Mistress and Maid [Cassette Demo]not rated2:28
12. Shallow Grave [Cassette Demo]not rated2:14
13. Motor Of Love [Home Demo]not rated1:18
14. New Moon Of Over Jamaica [Demo]not rated1:40
15. Ou Est Le Soleil [Demo]not rated0:43
16. That Day Is Done [Demo]not rated1:30
17. This One [Demo]not rated3:27
18. We Got Married [Demo]not rated3:46
1. The First Stone (Mixed by Nail Dorfsman)not rated3:58
2. Figure of Eight [Rough Mix]not rated5:10
3. Love Mix [Rough Mix]not rated3:46
4. Ou Est Le Soleil? [7'' Mix]not rated4:18
5. Ou Est Le Soleil? [12'' Mix]not rated7:09
6. Ou Est Le Soleil? [Instrumental Mix]not rated4:28
7. Ou Est Le Soleil? [Tub Dub Mix]not rated4:31
8. Party Party [Bruce Forrest Mix]not rated5:33
9. This One [Club Lovejoys Mix]not rated6:11
10. We Got Married [Rough Mix]not rated5:17
Extra Tracks
1. I Love This Housenot rated3:49
2. Back On My Feetnot rated4:24
3. Beautiful Night [Unedited Original Version]not rated6:15
4. P.S. Love Me Donot rated3:45
5. Flying To My Homenot rated4:15
6. Christian Bopnot rated2:19
7. The First Stonenot rated4:06
8. Love Mixnot rated3:07
9. Good Signnot rated6:59
10. P.S. Love Me Do [Early Version]not rated3:31
11. Same Lovenot rated3:55
12. Once Upon A Long Ago [Extended Version]not rated6:15
13. Party Partynot rated5:33
14. How Many People [Rehearsal]not rated4:34
15. Loveliest Thingnot rated3:58
16. Atlantic Oceannot rated6:51
17. Lindiananot rated5:51
Extra tracks and single edits
1. Love Come Tumbling Downnot rated4:23
2. Return To Pepperlandnot rated4:55
3. New Moon Over Jamaicanot rated3:14
4. Once Upon A Long Agonot rated4:15
5. Don't Break The Promisesnot rated3:46
6. Tropic Island Humnot rated3:15
7. Squidnot rated6:37
8. Peacocksnot rated7:04
9. This One / Put It There [Parodies Rehearsal]not rated1:40
10. I Wanna Cry 12''not rated4:42
11. I'm In Love Again (Edit) 12''not rated2:42
12. Figure of Eight [7'' Version]not rated4:03
13. Figure of Eight [12'' Version]not rated5:10
14. Ou Est Le Soleil? [Disconet Edit]not rated6:58
15. Ou Est Le Soleil? [Shep Pettibone Edit]not rated4:52
16. Party Party [Promo Edit]not rated3:44
17. We Got Married [Promo Edit]not rated4:05
Unreleased Sessions
1. Love Mix (rough mix 2)not rated1:55
2. Big Daynot rated5:38
3. Peacocks (alternative)not rated2:49
4. My Brave Face (demo)not rated2:30
5. My Brave Face (demo)not rated0:59
6. Mambo Me Baby (home demo)not rated0:26
7. Grand Entrance (home demo)not rated1:53
8. So Long Blacky (home demo)not rated2:47
9. We Got Married (rehearsal)not rated3:42
10. Ou Est Le Solei? (rehearsal)not rated0:43
11. Put It There (rehearsal)not rated2:33
12. White Coated Man (Oobu-Joobu version)not rated2:39
13. Cow (Oobu-Joobu version)not rated3:43
14. Don't Break The Promises (Oobu-Joobu version)not rated1:15
15. Costello, Elvis / Veronica (Costello demo)not rated3:02
16. McCartney, Paul & Elvis Costello / One After 909 (live)not rated2:51
17. McCartney, Paul & Elvis Costello / Mistress And Maid (live)not rated3:03
18. McCartney, Paul & Elvis Costello / Back On My Feet (tour rehearsal)not rated4:25
19. Costello, Elvis / Step Inside Lovenot rated2:47
20. Costello, Elvis / You've Got To Hide Your Love Awaynot rated2:42

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