Phillips, Anthony
The Archive Collection Volume II

Phillips, Anthony - The Archive Collection Volume II

  • Release date: 2004
  • Format: CD
  • Category: rock
  • Duration: 2:07:48
  • not rated
  • Added October 22, 2005


1. Guitar Song (demo, 1973)not rated1:58
2. The Anthem from Tarka (demo, 1988)not rated3:47
3. Deep In The Night (demo, 1977)not rated5:47
4. Bleak House (instrumental mix, 1978)not rated6:12
5. Our Man In Japan (libray piece, 1979)not rated1:19
6. Child Song (demo, 1973)not rated3:41
7. Old Wives Tale (solo version, 1976)not rated4:44
8. Scottish Suite II (1973/76) (i) Leaping Salmonnot rated3:03
9. Scottish Suite II (1973/76) (ii) The Witching Hournot rated1:19
10. Scottish Suite II (1973/76) (iii) Two Truthsnot rated1:19
11. Scottish Suite II (1973/76) (iv) The Letternot rated1:10
12. Scottish Suite II (1973/76) (v) Walpurgis Nightnot rated1:02
13. Scottish Suite II (1973/76) (vi) Sweet Reapernot rated1:01
14. Scottish Suite II (1973/76) (vii) Why Sinks This Cauldron?not rated0:44
15. Scottish Suite II (1973/76) (viii) Her Last Sleepwalknot rated0:46
16. Sallynot rated4:18
17. Windmillnot rated1:26
18. Tregenna Afternoonsnot rated7:40
19. Lofty Vaultsnot rated1:21
20. Variation on a Theme of Fantomasnot rated5:03
21. Picardy Picturesnot rated4:30
22. Polar Lightsnot rated1:33
23. The Ridolfi Plotnot rated6:15
24. Falling For Lovenot rated3:34
1. Highland Fling (Library piece, 1979)not rated1:34
2. Prelude #1 (1981)not rated1:36
3. Siesta (1981)not rated1:54
4. Bubble & Squeak (1981)not rated1:11
5. Guru (Instrumental mix, 1982)not rated4:42
6. Shady Arbours (1974)not rated1:46
7. West Side Alice (1983)not rated2:59
8. Vic's Tango (demo, 1983)not rated4:15
9. Seven Long Years (instrumental mix, 1976)not rated3:01
10. Romeo & Juliet (Library piece, 1976)not rated0:34
11. I Saw You Today (1978)not rated4:43
12. The Anthem From Tarka (alternate mix of demo, 1988)not rated1:00
13. Quadrille (from Alice) (1983)not rated2:57
14. Desert Suite (1980) (i) Sand Dancenot rated1:45
15. Desert Suite (1980) (ii) Pipelinesnot rated1:07
16. Desert Suite (1980) (iii) End Themenot rated1:40
17. Fantomas opening theme (Film music, 1973)not rated2:30
18. Sistine (instrumental mix, 1982)not rated3:44
19. Sisters of Remindum (Basic mix, 1977/78)not rated4:28
20. Will The Last Man Off The Ice Rink (Please Turn Out The Lights) (1973)not rated1:19
21. Finale (Instrumental mix, 1982)not rated5:11

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