Phillips, Anthony
The Archive Collection Volume I

Phillips, Anthony - The Archive Collection Volume I

  • Release date: 1998
  • Format: CD
  • Category: rock
  • Duration: 1:33:49
  • not rated
  • Added October 22, 2005


1. Back To Pluto (1987)not rated0:30
2. Promenade (alternate version, 1986)not rated3:44
3. Take This Heart (demo, 1972)not rated4:19
4. Beside The Waters Edge (demo, 1977)not rated3:45
5. The Geese & The Ghost (kiddies mix, 1975)not rated1:59
6. Which Way The Wind Blows (alternate version, 1974)not rated2:36
7. Rowey Song (1972)not rated4:10
8. Lucy Will (demo, 1978)not rated3:05
9. God If I Saw Her Now (demo, 1970)not rated3:34
10. In Memoriam Ad( demo, 1970)not rated3:23
11. Hunt Song (demo, 1977)not rated6:53
12. Rule Britannia Closing Theme (1981)not rated1:10
13. Exocet (instrumental mix, 1983)not rated3:10
14. Study In G (1978)not rated3:51
15. Holy Deadlock (vocal mix, 1978)not rated0:52
16. Catch You When You Fall (1978)not rated3:14
17. F Sharp (demo, 1969)not rated2:47
18. The Geese And The Ghost (demo, 1969)not rated6:38
19. F Sharp 2 (demo, 1969)not rated4:44
20. Rowey Reprise (1972)not rated1:19
21. Slow Dance (single demo, 1990)not rated2:41
22. The Brunt-Out Cattle Truck Hits The Road (1990)not rated0:18
23. The Women Were Watching (instrumental mix, 1983)not rated5:19
1. Kip PJ (1978)not rated0:31
2. Queen Bettine (demo, 1972)not rated4:16
3. What Is The Meaninig? (demo, 1969); Farewell (demo, 1969)not rated5:58
4. Cradle Song (1979)not rated8:53

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