Chicago III

Chicago - Chicago III

  • Release date: 1971
  • Format: CD
  • Category: rock
  • Duration: 1:11:29
  • not rated
  • Added October 12, 2005


1. Sing A Mean Tune Kidnot rated9:18
2. Loneliness Is Just A Wordnot rated2:38
3. What Else Can I Saynot rated3:13
4. I Don't Want Your Moneynot rated4:47
5. Travel Suite: Flight 602not rated2:44
6. Travel Suite: Motorboat To Marsnot rated1:30
7. Travel Suite: Freenot rated2:15
8. Travel Suite: Free Countrynot rated5:46
9. Travel Suite: At The Sunrisenot rated2:48
10. Travel Suite: Happy 'Cause I'm Coming Homenot rated7:28
11. Mothernot rated4:31
12. Lowdownnot rated3:36
13. An Hour In The Shower: A Hard Risin' Morning Without Breakfastnot rated1:52
14. An Hour In The Shower: Off To Worknot rated0:45
15. An Hour In The Shower: Fallin' Outnot rated0:53
16. An Hour In The Shower: Dreamin' Homenot rated0:49
17. An Hour In The Shower: Morning Blues Againnot rated1:11
18. Elegy: When All The Laughter Dies In Sorrownot rated1:03
19. Elegy: Canonnot rated1:05
20. Elegy: Once Upon A Time....not rated2:34
21. Elegy: Progress?not rated2:34
22. Elegy: The Approaching Stormnot rated6:26
23. Man Vs. Man: The Endnot rated1:34

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