The Cure

The Cure - Faith

  • Release date: 1981
  • Format: CD
  • Category: rock
  • Duration: 2:15:13
  • not rated
  • Added September 27, 2005


Original Album
1. The Holy Hournot rated4:26
2. Primarynot rated3:39
3. Other Voicesnot rated4:23
4. All Cats Are Greynot rated5:27
5. The Funeral Partynot rated4:14
6. Doubtnot rated3:11
7. The Drowning Mannot rated4:49
8. Faithnot rated6:59
9. Carnage Visors: The Soundtracknot rated27:51
1. Faith (RS Home Instrumental Demo)not rated2:56
2. Doubt (RS Home Instrumental Demo)not rated1:09
3. Drowning (Group Home Instrumental Demo)not rated1:52
4. The Holy Hour (Group Home Demo)not rated4:48
5. Primary (Morgan Studio Out-Take)not rated4:22
6. Going Home Time (Morgan Studio Guide Vox Out-Take)not rated3:31
7. The Violin Song (Faith Studio Guide Vox Out-Take)not rated3:38
8. A Normal Story (Faith Studio Guide Vox Out-Take)not rated3:04
9. All Cats Are Grey (Live 1981)not rated5:37
10. The Funeral Party (Live 1981)not rated4:38
11. Other Voices (Live 1981)not rated4:45
12. The Drowning Man (Live 1981)not rated5:48
13. Faith (Live 1981)not rated10:23
14. Forever (Live 1981)not rated9:19
15. Charlotte Sometimes (Single Version)not rated4:13

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