Nightwish (11 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
NightwishAngels Fall FirstCDR (Cased)1997not rated51:42
NightwishAsylum choirMP32003not rated54:50
NightwishCentury ChildCDR (Cased)2002not rated57:23
NightwishDark Passion Play: Special EditionMP32007not rated2:31:16
NightwishFrom Wishes to Eternity - LiveCDR (Cased)2003not rated1:08:57
NightwishOcean BornCD1998not rated53:07
NightwishOnceCD2004not rated1:00:06
NightwishOver the Hills & Far AwayCDR (Cased)2003not rated52:32
NightwishTales From the ElvenpathMP32004not rated1:07:46
NightwishWishmasterCDR (Cased)2000not rated53:43
NightwishWishmastour 2000MP32001not rated26:32