Joe Satriani (9 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Joe SatrianiCrystal PlanetCDR (Cased)1998not rated1:07:45
Joe SatrianiEngines of CreationCDR (Cased)2000not rated53:35
Joe SatrianiExtremistCDR (Cased)1992not rated49:40
Joe SatrianiFlying in a Blue DreamCDR (Cased)1989not rated1:04:52
Joe SatrianiJoe SatrianiMP31995not rated1:00:22
Joe SatrianiLive in San FranciscoMP32001not rated2:27:41
Joe SatrianiNot of This EarthCDR (Cased)1986not rated38:43
Joe SatrianiSurfing With the AlienCDR (Cased)1987not rated37:40
Joe SatrianiTime MachineMP31993not rated2:19:51