Eric Clapton (11 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Eric ClaptonAnother TicketCDR (Cased)1996not rated38:48
Eric ClaptonBlues YearsCD1999not rated55:43
Eric ClaptonCrossroadsCDR1988not rated4:53:40
Eric ClaptonEric ClaptonCDR (Cased)1970not rated36:50
Eric ClaptonFrom the CradleCDR (Cased)1994not rated1:00:13
Eric ClaptonJourneymanCDR (Cased)1989not rated57:06
Eric ClaptonMe & Mr JohnsonCDR (Cased)2004not rated49:36
Eric ClaptonOld SockCD2013*****53:47
Eric ClaptonPilgrimCDR (Cased)1998not rated1:15:33
Eric ClaptonStrictly the BluesMP32000not rated53:47
Eric ClaptonUnpluggedCDR (Cased)1992not rated1:01:45