Alice Cooper (17 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Alice CooperBrutal PlanetCD2000not rated47:59
Alice CooperClassicksCD1995not rated1:01:39
Alice CooperConstrictorCDR (Cased)1986not rated37:10
Alice CooperDadaCDR (Cased)1982not rated42:17
Alice CooperFlush the FashionMP31980not rated28:36
Alice CooperFreedom for FrankensteinMP31998not rated1:18:23
Alice CooperFrom the InsideCDR (Cased)1978not rated39:40
Alice CooperHey StoopidCDR (Cased)1991not rated56:18
Alice CooperLace and WhiskeyCDR1977not rated41:44
Alice CooperLast TemptationCD1994not rated50:53
Alice CooperLife & Crimes of Alice CooperCD1999**** 1/24:54:12
Alice CooperRaise Your Fist and YellMP31987not rated36:53
Alice CooperSchool's OutCDR (Cased)1972not rated36:53
Alice CooperSpecial ForcesMP31981not rated34:51
Alice CooperTrashCDR (Cased)1989not rated40:20
Alice CooperWelcome to My NightmareCD1975not rated43:11
Alice CooperZipper Catches SkinCDR (Cased)1982not rated32:25