Various artists (149 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Various artists"At The Hop" 15 Rocking Million Sellers Of The '50sLP1987**** 1/2
Various artists"Fame" Jon Savage's Secret History Of Post-Punk 78-81LP3/2012not rated1:25:12
Various artists1984 The BeatLP1984***
Various artists21 Original Hits From The Sound Track Of American Graffiti (Volume 1)LP1973**** 1/247:41
Various artists28 Country SuccessenLP1982****1:17:04
Various artists40 Country MasterpiecesLP****
Various artistsA Matter Of Degrees - Original Motion Picture SoundtrackLP1991not rated43:38
Various artistsA Tribute To Spacemen 3LP1998not rated1:05:14
Various artistsAfter DarkLP2008**** 1/21:18:09
Various artistsAfter Dark 2LP8/23/2013not rated1:18:16
Various artistsAll Tomorrow's Parties 1.1: Sonic Youth CuratedLP2002****1:06:41
Various artistsAnti NYLP2001not rated
Various artistsBeach House 04.0512" vinyl8/2005not rated
Various artistsBeat From Badsville, Vol. 1: Trash Classics From Lux & Ivy's Vinyl Mountain10" vinyl6/11/2012not rated
Various artistsBeat From Badsville, Vol. 2: More Trash Classics From Lux and Ivy's Vinyl Mountain10" vinyl2/1/2013not rated56:06
Various artistsBest Of 12 Inch Gold (Volume 3)LP1988****46:37
Various artistsBest Of 12 Inch Gold (Volume 9)LP1989not rated49:54
Various artistsBest Of CinemaLP1986****
Various artistsBosporus Bridges - A Wide Selection Of Turkish Jazz And Funk 1969-1978LP2005*** 1/241:18
Various artistsBrazil Classics 1 - Beleza TropicalLP1989*****52:20
Various artistsBrazil Classics 2: O SambaLP1989****45:02
Various artistsCBS Jazz Masterpieces - Sampler Volume IIILP1987****
Various artistsCarnival - Spicy Flavors & Exotic Grooves Set Fire To Blue NoteLP2002**** 1/21:20:11
Various artistsChristineLP1983****
Various artistsCountry .45'sLP1975****
Various artistsCountry Classics The Essential TracksLP10/15/2013**** 1/2
Various artistsCountry DuetsLP1980****1:01:53
Various artistsCountry Gals Country HitsLP1973****44:40
Various artistsCountry Scene (20 Classic Tracks)LP1982****
Various artistsCountry Soul Sisters Vol.2: Women In Country Music 1956-78LP2013**** 1/21:07:08
Various artistsCover MeLP1986***
Various artistsD-I-Y Do It YourselfLP2007**** 1/21:09:29
Various artistsDark Was The NightLP2/16/2009**** 1/2
Various artistsDeadicated: A Tribute to the Grateful DeadLP1991not rated1:14:33
Various artistsDeath Before Distemper 2 - The Revenge Of The Iron FerretLP6/9/2008not rated46:41
Various artistsDeath ProofLP4/24/2007**** 1/238:47
Various artistsDeutsche Elektronische MusikLP4/5/2010not rated1:17:13
Various artistsDeutsche Elektronische Musik - Vol-2LP4/5/2010not rated59:46
Various artistsDeutsche Elektronische Musik 2 - Record ALP2/2013**** 1/21:13:52
Various artistsDeutsche Elektronische Musik 2 - Record BLP2/2013**** 1/21:14:22
Various artistsDjango Unchained: Original Motion Picture SoundtrackLP2/22/2013****54:31
Various artistsDogs In Space (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)LP1988***50:13
Various artistsDublab Presents: In The Loop 412" vinyl2006****
Various artistsEMI Legends Of Rock N' Roll: The Greatest Hits Of All TimeLP1991****55:01
Various artistsEthiopian Soul And Groove - Ethiopian Urban Modern Music Vol 1LP12/17/2007not rated37:00
Various artistsEyes Of Laura Mars (Music From The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)LP1978***
Various artistsFast 'N' BulbousLP6/1988****36:18
Various artistsFast Track To NowhereLP1994not rated37:37
Various artistsFirst EditionLP1982*** 1/245:29
Various artistsFragments From Work in ProgressLP4/17/2010***
Various artistsFuzzy-Felt FolkLP7/2006****34:42
Various artistsGeorge Clinton And Family Pt. 1LP1992***1:11:09
Various artistsGoffin & King SongbookLP1989**** 1/2
Various artistsGood Morning '90s Vol. 3LP1991*** 1/2
Various artistsGreatest Hits Volume TwoLP1990****1:03:15
Various artistsHighs In The Mid Sixties Volume 5: MichiganLP1983not rated38:08
Various artistsI Feel The Earth Move (From Jazz To Soul 'n' Funk To Blaxploitation)LP2000*** 1/21:21:33
Various artistsI'm Not There (Original Soundtrack)LP2007not rated2:38:47
Various artistsIn The Beginning There Was RhythmLP2001*****51:29
Various artistsIndependent 20 Volume 16LP1993****1:17:55
Various artistsInglourious BasterdsLP8/18/2009not rated37:08
Various artistsInner City Beat! Detective Themes, Spy Music And Imaginary ThrillersLP2014***55:54
Various artistsIt's A Crammed, Crammed, Crammed World!LP1985****35:04
Various artistsJackie Brown (Music From The Miramax Motion Picture)LP1997*****51:06
Various artistsJames Brown's Funky PeopleLP1986**** 1/246:57
Various artistsJungle ExoticaLP1997not rated
Various artistsKeb Darge & Little Eedith's Legendary Wild RockersLP6/27/2011not rated46:28
Various artistsKill Bill Vol. 1 - Original SoundtrackLP2003**** 1/244:39
Various artistsKill Bill Vol. 2 - Original SoundtrackLP4/13/2004****46:14
Various artistsKollektion 01: Sky Records Volume BLP2014not rated
Various artistsLes Musiques Des Films CelebresLP1973*
Various artistsLet's Have A Party - The Rockabilly Influence 1950 - 1960LP1981not rated35:02
Various artistsMade To Measure Vol.1LP1984not rated48:12
Various artistsMatador Records 2013: It's Been A Business Doing Pleasure With YouLP2013*** 1/2
Various artistsMonsieur Gainsbourg RevisitedLP2006***48:22
Various artistsMore Ethiopian Soul And Groove - Ethiopian Urban Modern Music Vol. 3LP2009not rated33:38
Various artistsMore Psychedelic Jazz And SoulLP8/6/2004not rated56:20
Various artistsMy Mind Goes High: Psychedelic Pop Nuggets From The WEA VaultsLP12/5/2005not rated1:13:40
Various artistsN.Y. No WaveLP2005*****59:33
Various artistsNew Thing!LP2004****1:53:47
Various artistsNew York NoiseLP2003*****1:07:37
Various artistsNew York Noise Vol. 2LP2005*****1:07:10
Various artistsNew York Noise Vol. 3LP2006**** 1/21:04:47
Various artistsNight CollectionLP1993**** 1/2
Various artistsNight Collection 3LP1995****
Various artistsNo New YorkLP1978**** 1/243:46
Various artistsNostalgiaLP1993****
Various artistsNow AlternativeLP1994****
Various artistsNuggets: Original Artyfacts From the First Psychedelic Era 1965-68LP1976*****1:16:29
Various artistsO Brother, Where Art Thou?LP2013**** 1/21:00:32
Various artistsOnce Upon A Time In Hollywood (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)LP10/25/2019****
Various artistsPebbles Vol. 2LP1979not rated32:35
Various artistsPharaohization! - The Best Of Sam The Sham & The PharaohsLP1985**** 1/2
Various artistsPicture Music Instrumental Vol.IIILP1980****47:24
Various artistsPsychedelic Jazz And SoulLP2001not rated52:56
Various artistsPsychedelic States: Florida In The 60s Vol. 1LP2000not rated
Various artistsPsychedelic States: Florida In The 60s Vol. 2LP2001not rated1:08:31
Various artistsPulp Fiction SoundtrackLP1994*****41:10
Various artistsPunk 45: Kill The Hippies! Kill Yourself! The American Nation Destroys Its Young - Underground Punk In The United StatesLP11/26/2013not rated54:42
Various artistsPunk 45: There Is No Such Thing As Society - Get A Job, Get A Car, Get A Bed, Get Drunk! - Vol. 2: Underground Punk And LP2014****1:11:50
Various artistsRed, Hot & Blue A Tribute To Cole PorterLP1990***1:13:53
Various artistsReservoir Dogs (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)LP1992**** 1/230:50
Various artistsReturn Of The Creeps - The SinglesLP5/24/1995****44:40
Various artistsRock '90s: Modern RockLP1994**** 1/2
Various artistsRockabilly Psychosis And The Garage DiseaseLP1984**** 1/235:42
Various artistsSaints And Sinners Vol. 2LP2009not rated
Various artistsSitar Beat: Indian Style Heavy Funk, Vol. 1LP2004not rated
Various artistsSixties Rebellion - Vol. 1LP1993not rated35:54
Various artistsSixties Rebellion Vol. 4 The Go-GoLP1993not rated35:04
Various artistsSixties Rebellion Vol.3 The AuditoriumLP1993not rated36:46
Various artistsSixties Rebellion Vol.6 The BikerLP1993not rated36:46
Various artistsSixties Rebellion Vol.7 The Backyard PatioLP1994not rated34:32
Various artistsSon Cubano NYC - Cuban Roots New York Spices 1972-82LP2004**** 1/2
Various artistsSongs For The Jet Set 2000, Volume 3LP2000**** 1/2
Various artistsSongs The Cramps Taught Us Volume 3LP2010*****
Various artistsSongs The Cramps Taught Us Volume 4LP2010*****
Various artistsSongs The Cramps Taught Us Volume 5LP2010not rated
Various artistsSongs We Taught The CrampsLP1985**** 1/2
Various artistsSorted, Snorted And SportedLP1991not rated54:48
Various artistsSteppas' Delight, Vol. 2: Dubstep Present to FutureLP5/19/2008not rated46:42
Various artistsString Of Pearls: International 78sLP2009not rated
Various artistsSweet Talkin' Guy - The Sound Of The 60's GalsLP1990**** 1/2
Various artistsTeenage Shutdown! "No Tease..."LP2000not rated45:24
Various artistsThe 1969 Warner/Reprise Record ShowLP1969****1:19:38
Various artistsThe 70'sLP1993*** 1/2
Various artistsThe Best Of Doowop UptempoLP1987**** 1/2
Various artistsThe Enlightened FamilyLP12/13/2005****
Various artistsThe Godfathers Of PsychobillyLP2012not rated
Various artistsThe In-Kraut Vol. 3LP2008not rated1:00:59
Various artistsThe Jazz Masters - 27 Classic Performances From The Columbia Jazz Masterpieces SeriesLP1989*****1:52:14
Various artistsThe King Of ComedyLP1983not rated40:03
Various artistsThe Last American VirginLP1982not rated37:14
Various artistsThe Old Gold Collection - 60's Number Ones Volume 4LP1989**** 1/236:10
Various artistsThe Rocky Horror Picture ShowLP1975**** 1/235:35
Various artistsThe Roxy London Wc2: Jan-Apr '77LP1977not rated35:08
Various artistsThe Sound Of Philadelphia '73LP1973****32:40
Various artistsThe Sound Of Siam: Leftfield Luk Thung, Jazz & Molam In Thailand 1964-1975LP11/29/2010not rated
Various artistsThe Strawberry Statement OSTLP1970not rated49:29
Various artistsThe Wonder Years: Music From The Emmy Award-Winning Show And Its EraLP1989***40:05
Various artistsThree Months To Kill - West Coast Rock'n'RollLP2013not rated
Various artistsTop '84LP1984***
Various artistsTotally Wired In DubLP1995****47:54
Various artistsToxic Babies In A Rock'n'Roll LandLP1994****56:51
Various artistsTropicalia (A Brazilian Revolution In Sound)LP11/17/2005*****1:04:21
Various artistsTurkish Freakout (Psych-Folk Singles 1969-80)LP2010****1:03:27
Various artistsUnusual SoundsLP11/6/2018*****
Various artistsWe Are Reasonable PeopleLP6/29/1998**** 1/21:03:34
Various artistsWhat's Up MatadorLP8/26/1997****1:17:30
Various artistsΟι Νο 1 Επιτυχίες Της ΧρονιάςLP1983*** 1/245:41