Frank Sinatra
The Reprise Years

Frank Sinatra - The Reprise Years

  • Release date: 1975
  • Genre: Jazz/Pop
  • Format: LP
  • Category: jazz
  • Duration: 2:27:19
  • not rated
  • Added March 17, 2012


1. In The Still Of The Nightnot rated2:46
2. Granadanot rated2:13
3. I'm Getting Sentimental Over Younot rated3:27
4. Without A Songnot rated2:18
5. I Get A Kick Out Of Younot rated2:59
6. Night And Daynot rated2:24
7. Come Rain Or Come Shinenot rated2:13
8. All, Or Nothing At Allnot rated2:53
9. A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Squarenot rated2:04
10. All Alonenot rated2:53
11. I Won’t Dancenot rated2:49
12. Old Man Rivernot rated2:37
13. I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warmnot rated2:07
14. In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morningnot rated2:48
15. Nancy (With Laughing Face)not rated3:02
16. The Way You Look Tonightnot rated2:57
17. Fly Me To The Moonnot rated4:05
18. Softly As I Leave Younot rated2:51
19. All The Waynot rated3:44
20. Luck Be A Ladynot rated3:05
21. I’ll Only Miss Her When I Think Of Hernot rated2:21
22. The September Of My Yearsnot rated3:41
23. This Is All I Asknot rated3:44
24. It Was A Very Good Yearnot rated2:45
25. Strangers In The Nightnot rated2:48
26. Call Me Irresponsiblenot rated3:13
27. Moon Lovenot rated2:49
28. Don’t Worry ‘Bout Menot rated2:32
29. One For My Babynot rated3:24
30. My Kind Of Townnot rated2:07
31. Poor Butterflynot rated2:20
32. How Insensitivenot rated2:58
33. Dindinot rated2:33
34. By The Time I Get To Phenixnot rated2:42
35. Cyclesnot rated2:15
36. Didn’t Wenot rated1:52
37. Something Stupidnot rated2:12
38. Love’s Seen Good To Menot rated3:07
39. A Man Alonenot rated4:11
40. Going Out Of My Headnot rated3:23
41. Somethingnot rated3:40
42. The Trainnot rated2:53
43. Lady Daynot rated2:49
44. Drinking Againnot rated3:46
45. Send In The Clownsnot rated3:44
46. Let Me Try Again (Laisse Moi Le Temps)not rated3:16
47. What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Lifenot rated3:51
48. Ifnot rated3:21
49. Put Your Dreams Awaynot rated4:05
50. My Waynot rated2:42

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