Skinny Puppy (30 albums, 3 bookmarks)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Skinny Puppy12 Inch AnthologyCD1990not rated1:09:21
Skinny PuppyAddictionCD1987not rated22:10
Skinny PuppyAin't It Dead Yet?CD1991not rated1:08:35
Skinny PuppyB-Sides CollectCD1999not rated1:10:46
Skinny PuppyBack And Forth Series Two12" vinyl1992not rated
Skinny PuppyBitesCD1985not rated1:12:53
Skinny PuppyCensor12" vinyl1988not rated22:37
Skinny PuppyCleanse Fold And ManipulateCD1987not rated42:17
Skinny PuppyDig ItCD1986not rated13:47
Skinny PuppyDoomsday: Back + Forth Vol 5, Live In DresdenCD2001not rated1:07:55
Skinny PuppyHanDoverCD2011not rated50:04
Skinny PuppyInquisitionCD1992not rated21:38
Skinny PuppyLast RightsCD1992not rated52:57
Skinny PuppyMind: The Perpetual IntercourseCD1986not rated1:11:37
Skinny PuppyMythmakerCD2007not rated48:59
Skinny PuppyPuppy GristleCD2002not rated40:11
Skinny PuppyRabiesCD1989not rated1:00:57
Skinny PuppyRemissionCD1984not rated39:37
Skinny PuppyRemix DystemperCD1998not rated1:14:47
Skinny PuppySpasmolyticCD1991not rated28:35
Skinny PuppyStairs And Flowers12" vinyl1987not rated25:05
Skinny PuppyTesture12" vinyl1989not rated
Skinny PuppyThe Greater Wrong Of The RightCD2004not rated48:39
Skinny PuppyThe ProcessCD1996not rated43:14
Skinny PuppyTin OmenCD1989not rated29:08
Skinny PuppyToo Dark ParkCD1990not rated38:36
Skinny PuppyVIVIsectVI12" vinyl1988not rated42:54
Skinny PuppyVIVIsectVICD1988not rated1:01:00
Skinny PuppyWeaponCD2013not rated46:18
Skinny PuppyWorlockCD1990not rated21:43