Fad Gadget (13 albums, 2 bookmarks)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Fad GadgetCollapsing New People12" vinyl1984not rated
Fad GadgetFad Gadget By Frank ToveyCD/DVD2006not rated7:24:39
Fad GadgetGag12" vinyl1984not rated
Fad GadgetI Discover Love12" vinyl1983not rated
Fad GadgetIncontinent12" vinyl1981not rated
Fad GadgetMake Room7" vinyl1981not rated
Fad GadgetSaturday Night Special7" vinyl1982not rated
Fad GadgetUnder The Flag12" vinyl1982not rated
Frank ToveyCivilian12" vinyl1988not rated
Frank ToveySnakes & Ladders12" vinyl1986not rated
Frank ToveyThe Fad Gadget SinglesCD1986not rated59:31
Frank ToveyTyranny And The Hired HandCD1989not rated58:39
Frank Tovey & The PyrosGrand UnionCD1991not rated51:34